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Crazy Sex Positions You Should Try at least Once

If you are looking to take your sex positions to next level, then you have come to the right place. For some people it might a case of boredom or staleness in the bedroom. They feel the action has gotten a bit predictable. So they want to try some new things. But for others it could simply be the desire to try everything at least once. No matter what category you fall under, you can give these weird positions a try. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you can both laugh it off!

Apparently, the butter churner is a great position when you want to have an amazing orgasm. But be warned you could strain your neck from it. In this position, the woman needs to lie down on her back with her legs raised over her head, lifting and folding those overhead. The idea is to place her ankles right next to her ears. The man squats over her and penetrates her from above. Besides the supposed amazing orgasm, the blood rushing to the head will make things feel more intense…oh! You also get some lovely eye contact from another angle too wink*

If the butter churner sounded like too much then you may like this one instead, it is the X or crisscross. The woman lies on her back while the man sits down facing her body. His legs will be on each side of her head while one of her legs will rest on his shoulder so he can penetrate her. She can also hold his hands to allow him to get in deeper.

The spider is another position wherein both of you are sitting down, although it looks more like a crab walk in practice. The couple faces each other with the man’s knees bent and his legs spread a bit so the woman can insert her genitals. He will penetrate her while her legs rest on each side of his hips. The two of you will need to rock a bit back and forward to find a nice rhythm. Push on your feet or the elbows or hands or whatever limb you have resting on the floor. It can be quite a work out for both of you!

The snow angel is a lovely position you have probably never tried before. In this one, the woman lies down on her back while the man climbs on top of her facing her legs. His head will be in between her legs and his butt will be facing her. The idea is for the woman to hold onto his butt while he thrusts. She can even wrap her legs around his hips so her feet rest at the back of his neck. He will create leverage by supporting himself on his elbows. The sensation of being penetrated backwards will feel very different but good…or at least it is what many say about it wink*

For those who are more athletic ones, the standing wheelbarrow may be a good one to try out. It is kind of like a downward dog yoga position. The man gets behind the woman and grabs her legs. She can also wrap her legs around his hips or waist while he holds her hips. Needless to say, this can be quite an exhausting position. In truth, you won’t be able to hold for very long. Even so, it is worth a try even for a few times.

Yet another position you might fall in love with is the waterfall. This is a good one to get the blood rushing to his head. The man is draped down at the edge of the bed and his head rests on the floor while his back is at the edge of the mattress. His legs are resting completely on the bed. The woman gets on top of his hips ready to penetrate, so it is like the cowgirl with a twist. So why not add a pair of blindfolds to the mix to spice things up even more? Wink*

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