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Guide to Flirting Through Text for Beginners

Texting is one of the most utilized forms of communication nowadays. It is also one way to continue your flirting activities with someone you desire. This is also a good way to build up your connection to them and maintain your relationship even when you can’t see each other. In theory, flirting through text is not that different from flirting in person yet, you do need to change the approach a little bit.

If you are not too sure about how to begin a text conversation, you can always text him by ‘accident.’ You should know, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book, so he may have even used it before. You can always text him something like, “Of course, I already told you. By the way, are you doing something this Friday night?” Wait a few seconds or a minute and then send him something that says, “So embarrassing! I accidentally sent something to you. But anyhow, what are you doing this Friday night?” This will accidentally create a conversation and he will think it was just a happy coincidence that you got to chat.

The most important part about flirting when you are texting is to try and avoid monotony, don’t be boring. Certain subjects are very boring, and he will lose interest in exchanging messages with you. Think about it, would you like to be on the receiving end of those texts? You should only send him things that will get the conversation flowing; try to be as unique and interesting as possible. Think of something that he would enjoy – like a funny joke or comment about anything - don’t be afraid to send it to him. You can also send him a picture that reminded you of him with the caption, “This picture reminds me of you.” or “This sign reminded me of our conversation the other day.”

When he texts you something like a question, don’t respond to absolutely everything. If you answer to everything at the same time, in the same message, it may seem as if you are too eager. The gist of this is to leave an air of mystery so he can keep going back for more. The same thing goes for you. Don’t flood him with questions in every text you send him. You are not a journalist trying to interrogate a subject to get to the bottom of the whole story. He may feel overwhelmed and you may come up as too overpowering, try to find some balance in between.

Finally, it will come to a point where you are comfortable with each other and you can be a bit racier and suggestive. You can subtly do this, dropping hints that you are prepared for more than ‘just friends.’ With this, you can go sweeter with something similar, “I am going to watch something really scary and I wish you were here to make me feel safe” or “I wish you could try the meal I am cooking right now.” You can also give him compliments like “Your arms looked great in that t-shirt you wore today.” And if you want to give him a visual, “I didn’t respond because I was in the shower.”

I will leave you with some important notes. You should aim for the same amount of texts exchanges, so if you are sending him 10 texts and he is answering with only two, you should definitely slow down. Don’t send him short replies like, “Okay” or “haha” because it will stall the conversation and he will think you aren’t interested.

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