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3 Tasty Ways to Sweeten Your Sex Life

Can you make your sex life even sweeter than it actually is? Yes and you can do so in many ways. Indeed, the addition of candy into your sexual encounters will make it even more enjoyable for you and your partner. It is a guarantee because everyone likes sweets. In time, you will learn to use your imagination when you want to have sweet sexual scenes. In the meantime, let’s look at some ideas to get you started in the right direction!

1. Edible lingerie

Edible lingerie is nothing new and it can be quite a fun sexual experience to try when you want some sweetness in your bedroom. As a matter of fact, it is sweetness between the sheets you can literally eat! It is available in a variety of flavors and colors. Best of all, you can add it to almost any kind of sexual encounter. Now, eating your partner’s panties tastes even more exciting as it sounds especially if they come in your favorite fruity flavor! You can have a nice softcore session or even an erotic massage with edible lingerie. Use your imagination and put on a pair of bra and panties. Enjoy it in the name of erotic fun.

2. Sweets and BDSM

You can incorporate sweets in many BDSM scenes, no matter how tough they can get. These can be part of your foreplay but can also be introduced in sexual intercourse scenes. Use warm chocolate instead of wax and treat your submissive partner to many of the wax play sexual scenes popular among BDSM enthusiasts. You can also spread chocolate or cream on a strap on gag and have your slave lick it in the most erotic way possible! Penis gags are very common among BDSM practitioners. Adding some candy to it in a scene will only make it better! Another way to add a sweet is to spread warm chocolate over your partner’s body while you have them tied in a bondage form of your choice. It would make it even more sensual and exciting. Hold nothing back when it comes to sexual stimulation using candy and your creativity to mix your favorite taste with your favorite sexual scene.

3. Candy and punishment sessions

You might not see the connection between a sweet candy and a session of sexual punishment, but there is. In fact, one balances out the other. For example, while you spank them or whip them with increased intensity, specific for sexual punishment spoil your slave with some sucking toy covered in cream or other kind of sweet. This will make the session even more enjoyable. Plus, give you a nice visual image to watch! Thus, it is the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain to make your punishment session even more exciting and unique! You can also apply harder punishment measures while your lover is enjoying the sweet flavor of the candy with the toy they are licking. Make them endure more intense impact play or even forms of edge play. It depends on the kind of BDSM play you prefer and what your favorite kind of punishment is.

The best way to incorporate candy into your sexual life is to use your creative skills and let your imagination run wild. There are no limits when it comes to what you can do with sex toys and accessories along with the right sweet. Talk with your partner and see what they are into when it comes to this type of play and discover even more ways to indulge in sweet BDSM scenes. The right candy can make the most extreme BDSM scene more pleasant and it can help you make your submissive partner enjoy harder sexual practices they wouldn’t have considered to try before. By the way, you can also use it as a part of sexual training. As your submissive is focused on the taste of the candy, they will be more resistant to your intense sexual stimulation.

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