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3 Sex Games to Try in Bed

If you are in a long-term relationship, you might also find yourself in some kind of a sexual routine. This is usually a bad sign for your sexual future and your entire relationship. The good news is that you can fix the problem before it creates more damage. It takes a little imagination and the proper sex toys and accessories to spice up your sex life. Not to mention that your partner will be more than happy to join you on a new sexual journey. There are many sex games that you can play together, and you can even develop your own fetishes and fantasies to entertain your intimate life. Here are some of the most popular sexual practices that couples enjoy when they need to discover new levels for their sexuality!

1. Impact play

If you and your partner are BDSM enthusiasts, you might have heard of impact play and the naughty fetishes involved in this type of sex game. That is, impact play is enjoyed by couples all over the world even if they are not into BDSM practices. You can use a paddle to spank your lover during foreplay, or even during sexual intercourse. However, after you move past this beginner phase, you can try using a flogger or a whip of your choice. This can be an erotic act and lead to an intense orgasm; but, it can also be a great way to prepare you for more intense and hardcore play. Make sure that your partner is on the same page with you when it comes to impact play, and don’t use too much force before you are sure both of you like it. For some couples, this is the first step toward an exciting BDSM relationship. It’s important to have a safe word established before starting such an intense sexual scene. That way, if one of you gets uncomfortable during impact play, they can use the safe word and change the course of events in a manner that will not be a complete turn-off for either of you.

2. Bondage style

Bondage is just as common among the BDSM community as impact play. More often than not, these two sex games can be successfully combined in order to create a fascinating sexual encounter. For an exciting sex scene, you need to invest in a rope, tape, or any other type of restraint system that will keep your partner in place and not be able to resist your sexual stimulation techniques. The variety of accessories that you can add to such a scene is very wild, and the most popular ones are handcuffs, gags, collars, or even arm binders. It doesn’t mean that you need all of these to enjoy a good bondage sex scene. As long as you have the basics, you can always improvise when it comes to the details. In addition, before you start investing into an expensive arsenal that will satisfy your bondage needs, you should make sure that both you and your partner are turned on by such a sex scene. Handcuffs will not only restrain your partner, but they will also give you a visual stimulation that will turn you on as soon as you see them at your mercy.

3. Pet and pony

A new and very popular sex game amongst couples of all ages and sexual orientations tends to be the pet and pony one. This means that one of you will behave like a pet of your choice and follow the orders of the other. To make this game as realistic as possible, you might need certain sex toys and accessories such as furry tails, animal ears, furry cuffs (leg or hand), and even bone-shaped gags. Usually, girls tend to make for better pets than men, and you can even spank them with a kitten-shaped paddle.

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