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6 Sexual Positions You Probably Didn’t Know About

Despite the arsenal of bondage gear, rubber clothing, whips and chains, sex toys, erotic mind games and rope burns constituting BDSM sex-play, there is still room for good old-fashioned sexual intercourse. However, like everything else in BDSM, the focus of penetrative sex is on delivering as much sensory stimulation as possible. Hence, it is essential for dominants and submissives of both sexes be conscious of how different sexual positions can affect pleasure. In particular, how the angle, depth, speed and force of thrusting can change the way sex feels for both partners.

The ancient sex manual Kama Sutra is widely speculated to be a source of BDSM practices. An Indian sage by the name of Vatsyayana wrote the Kama Sutra in the third century AD. In it, Vatsyayana describes the “various ways of laying down and the different kinds of congress.” In other words, the different sexual positions and thrusting techniques. Here are descriptions for each of the six of BDSM-worthy positions.

1. Yawning

In this position, the woman lies on her back, raises her thighs, and holds them apart as her man penetrates her. She can hook her arms around the back of her knees to hold her legs open, or she can rest her legs on her man’s shoulders for support. This position makes a woman’s clitoris accessible to her man, allowing him to stimulate it at the same time he thrusts into her. It also gives him a beautiful bird’s-eye view of her bare breasts and body below him.

2. Rising

The woman raises her legs straight up in the air as her man penetrates her.

3. Clasping

This is the basic missionary position where both partners stretch their legs straight against each other, lying face-to-face, typically with the man on top. BDSM players can add a little sin to this sweet position by having the woman wrap her legs around the man’s body while she either presser her nails into his back or gives it a long scratch. If a woman wants to establish a dominant position, she can be more aggressive even when she is on the bottom by lifting her pelvis to push up against her partner’s groin.

4. Lotus

In this classic lovemaking position, the man sits cross-legged while his woman sits on his lap and lowers her body onto his erection. She wraps her legs around his body with her arms around his neck and using his shoulders for leverage to pump his shaft. The man can also grip his woman’s buttocks to lift her off and onto his erection, thereby using her body to stroke it. This position helps in the BDSM practice of delayed gratification as it does not create as much friction or fury as some other positions do.

5. Pressed

The woman lies on her back and brings her knees to her chest. The man kneels and penetrates her as she presses her feet against his chest. The sex in this position becomes more physical. The harder the woman presses her feet against her man’s chest, the harder he has to work to thrust. For this reason, this is a good position if you are looking for rough sex and force fantasies.

6. Congress of the Cow

Don’t think about agriculture and no one is calling you a cow either. Just enjoy what this position has to offer. In this rear-entry position, the woman stands in a bent-over pose while her man enters her from behind. She can also get onto her hands and knees for support. At the same time, her man can caress, massage, kiss, or even scratch and slap her back to increase sensation. This position makes a woman’s vagina feel tighter, which is pleasurable for both partners. It also offers the man an exciting view of his woman’s genitals and backside. Best of all, it exploits the power imbalance between partners and helps a man reinforce his role as the dominant.

It’s a good idea to try out different sexual positions. It can be very enjoyable and sensual for BDSM couples and even vanilla couples too.

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