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Best Sex Positions for First-timers

The first time you have sex with someone new is extremely exciting. It could even be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. So, it is only natural for you to want it to be incredible. But it can also a bit nerve wracking because you don’t know how the sex will turn out. Just remember to be comfortable above everything else. For the first time, it is important to let the sexual chemistry flow between the two of you. Creating intimacy and going slow will be the keys to allow you to enjoy the experience. Try to get rid of any nervousness. Bear in mind, the first time is not always perfect, which is fine! Well, to begin with, nothing really is…but the point here is your first time will not always go according to plan or the way you imagined it would.

Being at ease and being relaxed could do wonders to help your partner. Keep in mind they are probably going through the same uncertainty, so creating a comfortable environment is the best thing you can do. Besides, what else can you do? You should be glad to know certain positions are perfect for the first time.

Her above him: The woman has more control over the whole thing in this position. This is useful for the first time simply because you don’t know each other and what either of you enjoy. She will be able to take charge and create a good rhythm; how slow, how fast, how strong and how deep she wants it. Remember to take notes for future reference, just in case.

Missionary: The basics never fail. This position is very loving and allows you to build intimacy. Plus, this position allows the hands to roam all over the body; so genital stimulation is not the only thing you can focus on. For instance, Caressing the breasts, the butt, the legs, the neck and kissing are a nice addition. A good tip is to put a pillow or a cushion beneath her butt for a better angle. She will thank you for it later.

Another variation to the angle is to pick up one of her legs or knees. This will allow for better and deeper penetration.

Doggy style: Yet another popular classic. The man can push on one knee instead of two for a better range of movement and a deeper angle. This is actually a bit more comfortable than doing it on both knees. Does she like a little spanking? Well, this is the perfect time to find out wink*

Oral sex: Although some people prefer to have a little more intimacy before doing this, others don’t mind trying it on their first time. This could be an awesome way to drive your partner mad with lust and help create a good connection at once.

Reverse cowgirl: On the other hand, this could be a good position if you are not too comfortable with visual contact yet on your first time. The woman positions herself in the classic reverse cowgirl while the man bends his knees. the woman can rub her pelvic area and clit against his legs. This allows her to control the rhythm while giving him a super-hot visual.

Calves around the neck: If you want deeper penetration, visual contact and quick access to the G-spot, then this is the way to go. The man can ask the woman to wrap her calves around his shoulders to add a little spice without looking to aggressive. On the other hand, the woman could simply tell him this is what she wants because it is an amazing position especially if she is flexible. Even so, remember to start slow so she doesn’t get hurt.

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