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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Naughtiest People on Your List

Last Christmas, you gave her your heart but the very next day, she gave it away. How about this year, to save you from tear, give her something really special... like a ball gag or an inflatable dildo. We know, it takes guts to buy one even online but the reward you might get after giving it will surely pay off – especially if it’s for someone you truly love.

So ditch the old Christmas wish list and take this as your only gift guide to the naughtiest people on your list – and yes, you can include your name on it.

For Him

Nipple Clamps

    Is your man adventurous enough to try something painful but oddly satisfying? If yes, then it’s time to bring out the nipple clamps! You can go for the usual clamp with rubberized tips , or something that would electronically stimulate the nips, or – if he’s one to try his strengths, can have something with weights!

    Male Chastities

    So, he’s been a bad boy, ey? You don’t have to wait for Santa to find out if he’s naughty or nice ‘cause he deserves to get some punishment no matter what. Surprise him with a male chastity and take charge now. Don’t be shy to pair this up with a whip or a flogger and it won’t be long until he begs for more!


      No woman, no cry! This tool is best for every single buddy you know. It comes in different sizes and shapes with the same intention – to bring every man to paradise anytime, anywhere. This is an ideal present to your man if he’s traveling overseas or won’t be with you for some time at least he doesn’t have to screw anyone else other than the pocket-size pussy you gave him.

      For Her

      Kinky Costumes

        Turn her inner fantasy into a reality with kinky costumes. It doesn’t matter if she’s a beginner to role-playing or already an infamous bedroom actress; having sexy attire is enough to set the mood. You can go for something simple and sultry like a black sheer pantyhose or a wilder alternative like a full-body suit.


          Goodbye fancy necklace, hello bondage collars! Don’t worry, it won’t look odd we promise – unless you want it to be something like that. You can choose from a wide range of designs – from a simple PVC choker or a sophisticated leash she can wear even outside your home. It’s your call! But you can always ask if she’s comfortable wearing one. Nonetheless, this gift would delight any slave you have. If you want to be a bit of extra, you can add your choice of a leash, restraints, or a rope on its D-strings and enjoy the holidays longer.

          Gift Certificate

            For the love of shopping! Sorry boys, but there’s really something special when girls shop on their own. But, you can still be as kinky as you are by giving her a gift certificate from the adult shop you love! Not the GC she expects but surely, she’ll get the idea and splurge on something that would not only satiate her but you as well. What do you think it would be? A new set of lingerie? A pink vibrator?

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