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10 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas – And Dirty Tricks To Stick With Them

It’s almost time to kiss 2019 goodbye and say hello to the brand new year of 2020. And, aside from the endless Christmas parties and oozing holiday sex nights, another thing that keeps most of us busy is making a mental note of our New Year’s resolution. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We all look at to having a new beginning and New Year happens to be the perfect time to start the things we failed to change this year.

Good news is – it’s never too late to reevaluate your life choices and decide how you can make things better, and being the caring and generous sweethearts we are at Sub-shop.com, we’ve created a simple guide you can use. We know that it’s kind of hard to stick to a resolution so we decided to make it more fun and exciting – as always. Below are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions you should consider doing next year and why:

1. Get In Shape

Staying fit is more than just the appearance; it’s one way to ensure that your body is strong and healthy. But let’s admit, it’s hard to commit to a regular workout routine and strict diet so how about we make it fun and creative? Having sex, for instance, can burn up to 4 calories per minute. Better than a treadmill, huh? Don’t hesitate to add a whip and a blindfold to turn an ordinary sex sesh into a night full passion and surprise.

2. Improve Mental Health

Stress, if too much, can harm your health including your mental health, which may lead to anxiety and depression. And it’s no secret how many people are suffering from it. While you can rely on ancient meditation techniques and apps to alleviate stress, you can also depend on good ol’ sex. We know every day is almost exhausting that you may be too tired to even lift a finger but, there are ways on how you can bring the fire back in your romance and make your sex life more interesting. Lit up a few scented candles and vibe your way to orgasm or if you want to tag a partner along, how about you role play and wear kinky costumes. If that doesn’t set a mood, we don’t know what else will. Not only did you make your mental health better, but you also saved another life.

3. Become More Confident

Most people fail to realize how important it is to be confident and to take some chances. If you have enough self-esteem, your friends, colleagues, and almost everyone around you will notice it and in return, it’ll be easier for you to voice out your opinion, make friends, ask someone for a date, and the list goes on. If this is one thing you want to work out this year, one way is to make yourself look good to feel good, and you can start by wearing sexy lingerie. Yes, not everyone will see it but it makes a huge difference when you know you’re wearing something pretty and nice inside. Not to mention, it’s the simplest, most effective way to entice your partner.

4. Meet New People

Remember what your momma told you to “not talk to strangers”? Well, it works sometimes but if you’re growing up and you want to level up your career, meeting new people is highly beneficial. It gives new opportunities for networking and can benefit even your mental aspect. So the next time you’re planning for another staycation, do it with friends or better yet, go out and meet new people!

5. Quit Smoking

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, it’s kind of difficult to give up. But, we all know the serious damage it brings to your health and the people around you. Plus, it puts a hole in your wallet and if that’s not enough, maybe this will convince you: studies suggest that smoking cigarettes can result in erectile dysfunction. Boohoo! So the next time you think about smoking, think again. Do you really want to make your Mistress unhappy? Meanwhile, if it’s your slave who’s the problem, help her by putting something in her mouth *wink wink* You can either choose a ball gag or your very own package – either way, that would surely work.

6. Give Up Binge-Watching

Nope, there’s no need to blame Netflix for staying up late at night, watching a bunch of series. It all depends on you. With the right determination and will, you can get over it. So, rather than being a couch potato all day, go out and travel, or spend time developing new skills or reading; better yet, stay active – and by that we mean, with your partner. Try a new sex position or add a new BDSM gear to your collection. Not only did you make yourself productive, but you’ve also improved your relationship.

Looking for a new set of BDSM gears? Why not try a leatherette blindfold, nipple clamps, or spreader bars. Check out this link for more ideas.

7. Have Better Sex

In line with the resolution above, having a better sex is one thing that you should definitely consider. This will not only make your relationship healthier but also, it can keep you physically and mentally healthy. If you’re planning to level up your sex routine, it’s time to implement bondage in it. With the right practice and patience – and a whole lot of new knowledge – it won’t be long until you become a Master! No boyfriend/girlfriend? No problem! You can take masturbators or vibrators as your new BFF! And don’t be shy to experiment a little more!

8. Get Out Of Debt

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you really need to commit to saving and getting out of debt – which is easier said than done. Lucky you, there are a lot of techniques and methods that will help you pay off your debt. It’s not going to be easy but it will surely pay off!

Still can’t get enough of sex toys but don’t want to spend a lot? Take advantage of our huge sales and crazy deals!

9. Learn A New Language

Is it me or it’s just too sexy to hear someone tell you how much he wants you in a foreign language? May it be Spanish, Mandarin, or something else, learning a new language is fun! In addition, it’s a good way to improve communication skill and who knows, it might open you to a new door of opportunity. Also, it’s a perfect excuse if you want to talk to that Latina girl you’re looking at every night. Wink wink!

10. Give Back

If receiving makes you feel good, wait until you realize how giving makes you feel better. Every day, you are getting more than what you’ve asked for and although you don’t realize it, you are blessed. And now, it’s time to give back to charitable organization and/or volunteer. Maybe you’re hesitant because you’re either too busy or you don’t know where to start. Good news! Here at Sub-shop.com, you’re already doing your part even without you knowing it. We have this Autumn Cares that sponsors charities like The American Cancer Society, The Autism Society, The Susan G Komen, and a lot more. Not only did you make your bed rock, you’re also rocking someone’s life!

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