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Find Out What's Your Sexual Kink

We all have our little sexual kinks, right? And most times we tend to believe we’re the only ones we enjoy or fantasize about that particular fantasy, but chances are they probably are more common than you give them credit for. Just like spanking, we will probably be seeing a rise in popularity in most of these in the near future. So, meet me down below and tell me if your kink appeared on the list wink*:

Mummification: Plenty of people have the sexual fantasy of being mummified in bondage, just like a mummy in the old Egyptian times. Some people like to mix their love for latex and mummification, so mummification latex suits are incredibly popular, although others have different material preferences.

Looners: You may think this has to do with alone, and I don’t blame you, but the reality is you can identify as a looner if you are sexually aroused by people popping balloons. Some people even get aroused just by seeing someone holding balloons; the balloon fetish is as vast as you probably don’t imagine!

Pet play: Pet play comes in many different forms and specific categories. Some people love to dress up as horses (Pony play), others prefers kittens and others, puppies. It can get pretty elaborate (there are sooo many specific items for it) and there are even meetings and conventions especially for pet play lovers.
    Foot fetish: Out of all the body parts, the feet are probably the most common area to create a fetish upon. Freud even argued feet look like penises (I wonder what kind of feet he saw wink*). Thing is, many people worship feet, statistics leaning towards more men than woman. Are you one of them?
      Adult babies: A great number of adults enjoy being treated as babies. It probably has to do with being taken care of, especially if they lead stressful lives. They enjoy activities such as sucking on pacifiers, being fed and dressed, drinking from a baby bottle.
        Cross dressing: Many men enjoy dressing up as the opposite sex from time to time. The activities can range from just wearing female underwear or a pair of heels, to going all out with make-up, wig and clothes.
          Swingers: If you are in a committed relationship but would like to indulge in sex with other people, you may be a swinger. The idea here is people have sex outside their relationship, but all parts consented to it. Sometimes this relates to group sex and there are a lot of varieties as well.

            Did you find yours? Wink*

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