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What Sex Toys Will Work for Us?

Have you heard sex toys are in? Everyday it seems to be someone new starts to get into the sex toy fever and if you ask me, I couldn’t be happier people are starting to explore new ways to achieve pleasurable experiences wink*. But just as I’m happy, I ‘m also the most indecisive person out there, so I know it can feel very overwhelming to have millions of options and not have a clue about where to start. That is why I want to help you out a bit so you can narrow your choices and go from there!

Probably the first questions you want to ask yourself is, will this toy be for me? Or is it something I want to get for my partner? Because depending on who will be using the toy, different choices will have to be made. If you want to get something for yourself, ask yourself what kind of things you enjoy and what areas you prefer to stimulate. This will give you some idea about what to look for.

If you want something you can both benefit from and that doesn’t really take away from the actual sex between you, toys with remote control are a good idea because your partner can keep the remote while you wear the toy. Just as well, something like a vibrating cock ring with clitoral stimulator is a good choice that will stimulate both of you at the same time. Talking about joint causes

On the other hand, if you are looking for a partner, it’s a good idea to choose based on things you already know. This means you shouldn’t choose based on something you would like for them to use…got it? If your partner doesn’t really enjoy nipple stimulation, you shouldn’t get something that stimulates the nipples, as much as you would love to see them on something like that. But if you know they love vibrating things, a vibrator its a good place to start, obviously wink*.

The other thing to keep in mind is the material of your toy. Since this is a delicate subject because you will probably be inserting it on your body or at the very least it will come into contact with the skin, it’s a good idea to check what is it made of. And you will also need to know because you will need to look into the best lubes for that material. Because you don’t want to damage it and you want it to last a very long time, right? Wink*. By the way, keep in mind toys made out of glass, steel and ceramic tend to be easier to insert because they are rigid, however, if this is your first time experimenting with toys, they may be too much for beginners. It’s better to start with something a bit more flexible like silicone, for instance.

You know I always say size is not important, but in this case, it is. If you are buying something for the first time, check the measures and grab a tape measure to get an idea about the actual size. As a general rule, you should always start with the smallest model and then size up when you feel comfortable enough. And as with any first times, you should always go slow to achieve maximum comfortableness. Best of toy-luck.

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