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Improve Sex with New Sensations for the Senses

Senses are the primary thing we use in our everyday life. They are basically what we need to survive and move into the world; our window to the world. As we need them for our lives, they are also a very important component in our sex lives. Because, you guessed it, senses are what we need to stimulate in order to arouse ourselves.

That is probably why sensory play is so popular. You will stimulate and trick the brain for it to cause intense reactions in your body. The most popular forms of sensory play a light amount of pain…but it could vary depending on what you like and enjoy. Light pain will cause very interesting stimuli in the brain, which most likely will bring you a sort of “high feeling”; the brain will release endorphins (happy substance produced by your body) that will make you feel good, kind of like when you feel great after a good work out session wink*.

So, how can you incorporate it into your life? Well, you can go two ways: either deprive someone of their senses or you can heighten or stimulate them. Alternatively you can mix both of them to create very interesting results. By the way, something cool about sensory deprivation is that, as you know, when you take away one sense, the others are heightened…great things to keep in mind, wink*.

Something else you will probably need to use are restraints. Bondage is usually used in order to restrict the person for them not to touch things they shouldn’t be touching…and for them to keep still, making the process easier of they tend to move around a lot.

When you’re done, you will need to take care of your partner. Although sensory play tends to fall into light bondage, it can be highly intense for some. So when you are done, make sure to take care of your partner; give them time to return to normal. cuddle or hug them, assure them and offer them a massage or draw them a bath. They will thank you later! Wink*

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