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Here's Why You Should Try Voyeurism

Voyeurism is one of those fetishes almost everyone enjoys even if they don’t realize they have an obsession with it. This simply means people who enjoy voyeurism get turned on by watching other people get naked and engaging in sexual intercourse. So far, most of us can relate to this. Watching porn on TV or people having sex in front of us would get most of us in the mood to follow and join in or engage in sexual intercourse with our own partner.

However, when you dive into such a fetish it is important the people you are watching have sex allowed you to do so and are also into this kind of sexual preference. Don’t try to peek at your neighbors having sex or at strangers who don’t know someone is watching them as this is illegal. However, if you are into this sort of fetish, there are plenty of communities out there who will gladly share their sexual experience with you and let you please yourself while you watch them reach an orgasm. Voyeurism also counts when you want to watch your partner masturbating and reach an orgasm without having any physical intercourse. As a matter of fact, this is a very hot practice most couples indulge in when they feel like they need a change and they want to increase their intimacy. Watching each other masturbate is intense as it will bring you close to orgasm. It will also teach you things about your partner’s body you might not have known before such as their favorite erogenous areas and the speed at which they like to rub themselves to climax.

The counterpart of a voyeur in voyeurism is the performer. Plenty of people love to be watched while performing sexual activities, from the basic striptease to actual intercourse with a partner. They even provide such shows in night clubs or at meetings established by the voyeurism community and online in front of a webcam. The Internet has made everything easier nowadays so, all they have to do is turn on their webcam and connect to a room full of people ready to watch them. Being watched and having an audience while enjoying yourself with or without a partner can bring very intense sexual satisfaction. When you reach an orgasm, you don’t just please yourself and your own body. You are aware also of the effect you might have on those watching you. It also gives you a certain feeling of power over your audience, knowing you can heighten their desires and even control their orgasms by what you offer them to watch. You can stop the show at any time or maintain the teasing for so long they will beg you to let go and just indulge in an intense orgasm so they can do the same.

Voyeurism is also an interesting aspect of the BDSM community. Some enthusiasts will enjoy a BDSM scene a lot more if others are involved. Things can get more intense like one slave gets controlled by several masters, a public gangbang during which the audience can suggest certain toys or positions to satisfy their sexual cravings. Occasionally, people from the audience will be invited by the dominants to “taste” the slave, meaning performing different sexual activities on them too. Some will use dildos and other similar toys while others will use stimulators and even floggers and whips depending on the type and level of pleasure expected from the public BDSM scene.

Regardless to what level of voyeurism you might feel attracted to, it is important to have an open mind. Joining a community will introduce you to people who also have similar sexual preferences as yours. Once the connections are made, you will be set for incredible voyeurism experiences!

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