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To Fist or Not to Fist

Fisting can be a really hot practice for many BDSM couples, but as hot as it is, it might not be suitable for everyone. Beginners usually don’t dive into fisting so easy but over time, it definitely becomes an option to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This sexual practice can be considered extreme, but again, it depends on each couple to what extend they take it and what are their sexual limits. Fisting means introducing the fist of one partner into the genitalia of the other partner and it can be done both vaginally and anally following the same concept. And fisting doesn’t have to be the only sexual practice that takes place during one BDSM scene. You can combine it with so many others to increase the pleasure for both you and your partner and reach higher sexual satisfaction by the end of the sexual encounter. So, let’s see how you can incorporate a fisting fetish with so many other BDSM practices that will blow your mind!

1. Bondage styles

Bondage is almost the basis of a good BDSM scene and it might be hard to work around it when you are aiming for intense sexual experiences. You can tie your slave partner with a rope or a tape or even in a restraint system before you are planning to perform the fisting session. This will make them lose all control over their body and will give you complete freedom over their genitalia area! And nothing can be hotter than hearing your slave’s moans while you work your way inside their intimate areas!

2. Sexual stimulation

While you are fisting your submissive partner don’t forget about other erogenous areas of their body! You can simultaneously stimulate their nipples by having them wear a pair of nipple clamps and you can add some bondage accessories such as a gag or a pair of handcuffs. The sexual encounter will be so much more intense if you make it as complex as you can and have your slave endure multiple forms of stimulation at the same time. Chances are you will be able to witness them have multiple orgasms as well because the mix between pain and pleasure is so hot and they will not be able to resist to it no matter how much you ask them to. Use your imagination and try whatever sexual stimulation method comes to your mind in order to make things as hot as possible! Limits have no place when you dive into such a BDSM scene.

3. Dirty talk

We all love dirty talk and some of us even love verbal humiliation. If you and your partner are also into this kind of fetish, add it to your fisting scene. It will make your slave feel so much more dominated by you and you will feel like you own their body and sexuality completely which is the dream or every dominant! You can go as far as using some names calling and see how your slave reacts to it. They might like it more than you expect it, or they might feel it is too much. If this is the case, take it slowly and have them enjoy each step of the way! Over time your fisting experiences will become hotter and more intense and verbal humiliation will be a given when it comes to such amazing sexual experiences so no need to rush it from the first experience of this type!

Fisting can very well be a great punishment or disciplining method for your submissive partner and they will for sure learn their place after such an intense fisting. Especially if you combine it with the right sex toys and accessories. However, make sure that you have a safe word establish before diving into a fisting BDSM scene just in case it becomes too much to handle for one of you or even both!

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