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The Three Different Stages of Edging for Ultimate Intense Orgasms

If you are a thrill seeker, you might have a hard time finding sexual happiness once you have reached a level of routine in your relationship. More so, when it seems like there is no space for anything new. But if you are the kind of person who needs something new and exciting every now and then, you might want to talk to your partner about Edge Play.

Edge play doesn’t refer to the kind of sexual intercourse in which as soon as one of the partners is close to an orgasm, the other one stops them right before reaching it to give them a more intense one later on. The truth is, Edge play refers to other kind of edge, the one related to S&M practices, an extreme side of BDSM. To have a successful Edge play, there are three stages you need to pass until the final orgasm.

1. It has to be a roleplay based on rough psychological and physical practices between the partners. The intensity and practices during this role play depend on the partners involved and their tolerance level to such experiences. Commonly, this can include smacking, punching, breath play, fire play, gun play, knife play, and so on and so forth.

2. The second stage of Edge play involves playing and stimulating one of the partners by using a sharp object such as a knife, swords, etc. This has to be done in complete safety and only for erotic purposes!

3. The last stage of a successful Edge play is about reaching the partner’s limits, or those of all partners who are involved in the BDSM scene. All games considered edgy by you and your partner fit well here. Moreover, all the partners should be comfortable with all the games no matter the element of danger involved.

As exciting as this kind of fetish might sound to you, it is not for everyone. To dive into such aspect of BDSM, one has to have complete trust in their partner. For instance, long term couples might find lasting benefits from such a game. Partners discover each other in a new light and also learn new limits and new sides of their own personality which makes this kind of sexual practice very useful.

It can also contribute significantly to the trust level within the relationship and spice things enough to make the partners feel extremely attracted to each other again. It is important to be well informed before diving into this dark side of sexual experiences and also to have all the tools you need and be familiar with using each one of them.

You can use knives, guns and any other object to put your partner in a sort of controlled danger. Make sure you establish a safe word before you start this adventure because things can easily get heated up. Due to passion and intensity of feelings, a safe word will come very at handy if an awkward situation happens.

It is also important to set up the scenario along with your partner before you pursue Edgy play. See what they are comfortable with and what they would not consider trying and stick with it. Especially if you are a beginner, it is not wise to push anyone’s limits without their consent and without knowing exactly what you are doing.

Finally, the last aspect to consider is the outfit. Make sure you are dressed for the occasion, both of you can find plenty of dominant and submissive bondage outfits. Find which one makes you and your partner or partners more appealing to each other. Role play costumes are very popular and you can enjoy them on a number of different occasions and sexual encounters so, it is an investment for the sake of your sexual future.

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