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More Tricks to Step up Your Text Flirting Game

Some people believe we are all attracted at least a little bit to our friends. And while that may not always be the case, we can often find ourselves wanting to flirt with some of them. Maybe spending that much time together makes us want to turn it into something else? Maybe become a bit more intimate? So if that is your case, you can always test the water by doing some flirting through text.

And remember a lot of times it simply begins with a joke and ends with the two of you in bed…hopefully wink*

It is actually quite simple. Imagine you are texting with a friend late at night, no inhibition and the right mood can really set the perfect scene. The easiest way to begin this is with a joke so it can escalate to something naughtier over time. As long as both of you want it and neither of you feels uncomfortable or awkward about it is fine! You are both adults and spending time with people can make us attracted to them.

You can start with an innocent comment along the lines of, ‘Do you sleep on your back or with your tummy to the mattress?’ That line of thought can really get things going because of the nature of the conversation. You can also go with a slightly different route; if you ask them what are they doing and they answer with ‘I am about to go to sleep’ you can follow with ‘what are you wearing? LOL or winky face emoji’ If they are game and they answer ‘Nothing’ or ‘Underwear’ you can leave them with a ‘Wish I was there, then’ See? Things can escalate real quick when it was just a flirty joke at the beginning.

Don’t be surprised to find you are the flirting through text constantly the next few days. And you can end up over at their house one night. Flirting through texting is a great way to build some intimacy: people tend to be bolder through a screen than face to face. You probably wouldn’t be so racy if you were speaking normally, right? Besides, you have the added benefit of saying ‘joking’ or putting a ‘LOL’ at the end so you don’t feel as pressured for them to respond.

Flirting can be really fun and if your friend knows what is going on and wants to do it, then great! It is a little secret that will bring both of you a lot of pleasure. And you don’t know whether this can lead to something bigger, like a sexual relationship between you two or either a romantic relationship. You never know if that other person is also attracted to you but giving your lack of signs in person, they had never really thought about acting upon those feelings.

Besides, you can also learn a lot about each other through some innocent flirting through text even if it doesn’t lead to something else at the end. It is something that doesn’t take up much time out of your daily life, so it is not as if you were making huge sacrifices about this. It is simply something you can explore with a friend.

On the other hand, if you would like to explore a sexual relationship with a friend but don’t know how to go about it without embarrassing yourself, you can send them some flirty texts to see how they react. Like I mentioned earlier, texting is great because it takes away a lot of the pressure and you can always pass it on as a joke if they are not into this whole thing. I say we take advantage of one of the benefits of living in the 21st-century wink*

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