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Should You Go Hardcore or Softcore?

Sexual encounters can be, generically, split between softcore sex and hardcore sex as two main extremes and there are also many shades of gray in between that need to be considered. But which path should you develop your sex life on and why? And how would your choice influence your relationship and intimate life? Because your sex life will always have a direct effect on your intimate relationship and as important as reaching an orgasm might be for you and your partner, this effect needs to be considered. But let’s see the main tips that will help you choose the style of your sexual encounters easier and in a more beneficial way.

1. Try bondage sex toys and accessories before you make a decision

Bondage sexual encounters can be both softcore and hardcore and it is all about the toys that you decide to use as well as the intensity of the sexual practices. You can enjoy some new accessories like blindfolds and see how much they turn both of you on during your sex scene. And if you find that exciting, you might be ready for harder and more intense practices like using rope, tape or even some impact play while you are at it. Your lover might enjoy some spanking with a fancy paddle more than you expect them to and this might lead to an intense and hardcore sexual encounter before you know it. Trying such bondage practices might help both of you make up your mind when it comes to what type of sexual encounters you are most excited about and it might define your sexuality for the long-run if you give yourself the occasion to enjoy them to their fullest standard.

2. Share your fantasies with your partner

Part of having a fulfilling sexual life and a happy and healthy intimate relationship is a good level of communication. You should be open with your partner and talk about your sexual desires in order to see how many of them you can reach together during your intimate moments. Most likely, they will do the same with you and you can have complex sexual encounters that lead to intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction. If both of you prefer softcore sexual encounters, you need to talk about that and how it makes you feel. As well as if you are both into hardcore practices such as edge play or suspension bondage, which as hot as they can be, they do require an extra session of aftercare in order to balance your emotions after the sexual encounter. And you can also mix the type of sex that you are having in order to cover a wide diversity of sexual satisfaction and try to establish a common set of fetishes and fantasies. However, all this is done by communication and mutual trust. A lack of such aspects can lead to cheating and having sexual affairs in order to fulfill your fantasies and this can add a significant damage to any relationship.

3. Masturbate on different fetishes and erotic videos

Masturbation is probably part of your sexual routine but are you doing it right? What is you need to change your masturbation style a little and dive into new fields that you didn’t try before and you don’t know how much they can actually turn you on and affect your sexuality? If you are used to masturbate on softcore porn for a while now, you might give hardcore a try and see how it makes you feel. Having a good imagination and a wide set of creative skills will help you also as you will have to use all your empathy during such a masturbation session. If you feel turned on by rougher sexual encounters, talk with your partner about it and see what you can accomplish together to define this type of excitement. You might be surprised by the result.

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