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Kink Ways to Stir Your Boring Sex Routine

Remember how exciting everything was when you first met your partner? The magic in the air and the electrifying thrill you felt every time you touched each other? Well, who doesn't? But the thrill can go away with time. Desires can fade away.

All of us have a natural tendency to get stuck in a routine. We like to keep everything in our daily life organized for convenience. So, we find what’s most efficient for us and stick to it. It creates a pattern for everything we do, like when we wake up, when we have lunch and dinner, how many times a week we exercise, even the amount of sex we have and how we have it. We keep repeating this pattern. After sometime, it's only natural for things to get boring.

Now, don't get me wrong. An organized routine in our daily life is necessary as it can help us make the best use of our time. But there is an exception to everything. In this case, it is sex. Remember sex is not only the physical contact between two human beings. Sex is also an expression of your love and passion for your partner. You can't organize your love or passion. They don't say ‘love runs blind’ for nothing.

Yet like most things in your life, sex can get stuck in a routine while we are busy carrying out our daily lives. While your routine can make you succeed in your workplace, it might do the exact opposite in your bed. Falling into a pattern in your bedroom can lead to boredom, a loss of intimacy and love. This doesn't have to happen.

When it comes to matters of the heart, we must avoid old habits. Life is a gift and every day brings us the opportunity for a new journey, a new adventure. Adventures don't always go according to plan. We make our way as we go through it.

Sex should be nothing less than an adventure. Think about the first time you had sex with your partner. Did you know what was going to happen? How excited were you when you were about to experience something you had never felt before? You can regain the excitement in your sex life as long as you are willing to do something about it. Think of this as an opportunity to start something new and exciting. Here are a few tips on what you can do to spice things up again.

  • Fix yourself up like it's your first date. Wear something nice. Indeed, nothing like a sexy dress to get you and your partner in the mood.
  • Decorate your bedroom in a romantic setting. Light some candles. Put some silky sheets on the bed.
  • Find a place where no one can disturb you. This is very important for couples who have children. You don't want the kids knocking on your door when you are in the middle of being intimate with your partner.
  • Do something you never tried before. You might find something new you like to try in bed. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries. It's important to keep an open mind when spicing things up again.
  • Throw in a little role-playing. Maybe you have been a very bad girl and you need someone to spank you and teach you some lessons. Then again you might be a police officer and it's time you lay down the law. The possibilities are endless.
  • Try bondage. Tie your partner up. Maybe even use a blindfold.
  • Use sex toys to stimulate both male and female. Try out a prostate massage.

Love is precious and so are your loved ones. When sex gets stuck in a boring old routine, intimacy can decrease between two people. It affects not only the couple but also the people around them. So, it's important to keep your sex life sizzling with new ideas and adventures. All it needs is your commitment.

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