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Have a Swinging Sexual Experience!

Are you bored of exploring you sexuality with the same partner every time? If that is the case, you should know all of us get there sooner or later. And when we get there, we can either break up, or look for fetishes that open certain doors of excitement for both of us, that way we keep our relationship and even make it better. If your sexual life reached a point of routine, that doesn’t mean that you have to change your partner, at least not for good. You can try swinging and there is a wide community out there to help you be a successful swinger so you will definitely not be alone.

Swinging is finding another couple and trading partners for the sake of a new, intense sexual encounter. It means that if you are a man looking for a new adventure, you could have sexual intercourse with someone else’s spouse while they have sex with your spouse. All this trading will happen with the approval of everyone involved and under rules well established from the beginning. The hot part is that you can do this experience sharing not only your other half but also the room. So, you will be able to see your spouse indulging themselves in sexual pleasure with a stranger and that for sure will turn you on. This is the general idea of swinging and it can be done anytime. However, if you want to take things one step further, you can find a couple of BDSM enthusiasts to share this experience with. That way you will definitely learn new aspects of BDSM and make your relationship better at the end of this experience because you will be able to apply new things into your intimate BDSM encounters.

Since BDSM is a fetish with so many categories involved in it, there are big chances that your new partners will be into a different side of it than you. For instance, if you like some soft BDSM games, and are a beginner at bondage and discipline practices; they might help you go to a new level while you are swinging. BDSM can go as far as sadistic and masochist practices, like its name is stating, and there is no other way to go there but gradually and with the right guidance and desire, Pay attention to the toys and accessories that your new partners might be using such as penis cages or penis pumps and learn how to use them yourself for your intimate pleasure when the swinging session is over. Also, watch the dominant and the submissive in the new couple and use what you observe to get your skills to a higher, more professional level. Being a good dominant and submissive takes practice and learning time as well as a proper research so make sure to cover them all. If you do dive into a BDSM session with a stranger couple, don’t forget the basics. Set up a safety word that will put things on break if they get out of hand, discuss the limits that each one of you have and establish the toys that you are going to use. If you are not familiar with anal toys, you might want to include some good moisturising on the menu because you will need it.

Swinging might just be your new fetish after you give it a fair try and even more than this, it might actually save your relationship. Imagine being able to have sex with new partners every week, or as often as you want actually, while your partner is right there with you doing the same things and your bond is getting stronger over time. Nothing is more beautiful than to trust someone so much that you like to share them and give them the sexual freedom they deserve, knowing that it will all be used for your relationship’s long term benefit. So get your gear, get your partner and start looking for another pair of kinks happy to join you!

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