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Autumn's Bondage 101: Strap On User Guide for First Timers

Once you’ve chosen your dildo and your harness, it will be time to start playing with it. But before getting in the action, remember to have a test run first. This means you should try the strap on and adjust it accordingly so you feel comfortable. The dildo should also be tight enough so it doesn’t fall, so you will also need to ensure that. And most of all, the person wearing the strap on should be comfortable in it and should feel like it’s another limb.

So, keep in mind to need to relax, use plenty of lube and most importantly, enjoy the experience! The goal of all of this is to have fun, so that should be your main goal.

In order to increase the chances of having a positive experience, you will want to take the next pieces of advice:

  • Lubrication will probably be the most important thing in this experience, so make sure to use one that is compatible with the material of your dildo. And you should also use enough! Use what you think is enough…and then use some more.
  • Don’t use an anal desensitizer. Pain is the way your body tells you something is not right, so you will need to gauge those pain levels. Don’t ever use something that will hinder that process because it will do more harm than good.
  • In order for both of you to get in the mood and to make your partner relax, you can do several things. The first option is to give him some oral sex or a hand job to get in the mood; kissing and caressing is also advised. Just make something that is included in your regular foreplay. The other option is to simply begin with vaginal sex and the switch to pegging. Whatever option makes you two more comfortable and makes him relax the most.
  • Use a gloved finger (if you do, keep your nails short!) to penetrate before you go with the dildo. You can also use a butt plug
  • Keep talking during the whole process. This will make things easier because you will need to communicate constantly what you’re feeling, what you need, etc.
  • Always start with a smaller dildo and build up from there. Our eyes can be deceiving, so even if you think something is too small, it may be good enough for your body. It’s always better to go smaller than bigger.
  • If you are not successful penetrating the first time, it’s ok! Take it as a fun experience and try again. Even more fun wink*.

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