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Body Language Flirting Tips for Beginners

You may believe flirting is all about spoken words but the reality is, your body language can help you out more in the long run. Creating an impressive body language is a good thing because if your vocal game isn’t too strong, then you can still rely on it to get things moving. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it, so just keep reading to learn how to use your body language in your favor.

The most important thing you need to know about flirting with your body language is confidence is everything. If you are not confident, nothing you do will ‘read’ well across your audience (in this case: your possible lovely partner) so be self-assured with all your moves. For instance, imagine you see a person who immediately draws your attention; don’t hesitate to approach them right away. There is no shame in going after something you like!

When you are together, don’t hunch; instead stand tall, proud and don’t cross your arms. Keep your head up. You don’t need to overthink this, just relax your limbs and try to maintain an air of openness. This will show you are a confident individual and comfortable to be with. This kind of aura should become apparent all throughout your interaction.

Of course, you should always maintain eye contact. This is extremely important because you want to create an intimate connection as soon as possible. Try to make sure you are the first one to look into their eyes, so basically make them look away first. Eye contact should be accompanied with your thoughts, so try to think sexy thoughts and how attracted you are to them while you are looking at them. Let them feel those seductive vibes!

At some point, you will need to move on to the next part, which is touching them. As humans we all need body contact; it makes us feel good. But of course, you are not going to go around touching strangers randomly, you need to get to an interactive level in the relationship where you can flirt while touching the other person. At first, you don’t want to be invasive. It is best to gauge their reactions and see how they react. Keep your touches light and fast then see how it goes. You can nudge their shoulder or gently touch their forearm or shoulder, etc. If you have the opportunity, don’t be afraid to sneak in some touches here and there. Grab their arm while you are crossing the street, put a hand at the small of the back when you are entering a place, hold their hand and guide them through the crowd. Whatever you can think of, take advantage of the situation naughty minx *wink*

You can also make your body language unpredictable. The technique doesn’t work all the time, so use it carefully. You will need to gain their interest and then turn back to something else, so they can keep coming back for more, sort of delaying tactile gratification technique. You will have to approach someone, but you need to pull back a little, so you don’t seem to be greatly interested; turn your body slightly so you are talking side by side instead of standing in front of them. This can also work well when you are teasing them then say something like, “Oh you look like my little brother” and then ruffle their hair. Another phrase you can say goes something like, “We will never get along!” and then turning to the side slightly. This will make your moves look more fluid and natural.

When you want to increase sexual tension, try to stand close; this will create the sensation of a smaller place and the tension will be felt more intensely. Good luck!

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