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Best Ways to Charm a Girl with Humor

First impressions can be tricky but they are very important. The first time you talk to a girl can either seal the deal or not. Almost every person only needs a few minutes to decide whether they like someone or not, so you definitely want to create a positive impact. To do this you will need to be likeable enough for her.

Women are readily attracted to a funny man. However, not everyone has a funny bone in their body, so this can prove to be a bit difficult. The key here is to learn what kind of funny comes easier to you and exploit this aspect. You don’t need to be someone who tells jokes all day long. But you do need to stay clear of trying to be ‘the funny guy’ or basically someone who thinks he is saying something funny to make a woman laugh and if she doesn’t, says something like, ‘You are supposed to be laughing.’ Simply say something you think she may find funny, wait a second for her to react and if she doesn’t, move on. If she laughs, great! But if she doesn’t you won’t look bad.

Whatever you do, never try to replicate a joke you saw online because nobody likes being told memorized jokes. It will only make you look like you are trying hard. What you can do is learn to take cues from people you consider funny. Just try to observe whomever you think is funny; you will notice it usually has a lot to do with timing and body language. Just remember not to over do it. Funny people don’t deliver one-liners every single minute. Funny men are creative and fun to be around with. When the time is right, they say a funny joke. They are not funny 24/7.

Another thing you don’t ever want to do is laugh at other people. This is simply rude and she will think you are not a good person (basically she may say you are an asshole)

If you are happy, she will be consumed by your happiness. Don’t look or be bored; speak with genuine enthusiasm! Most of the time, this comes naturally, so she will start smiling without either of you realizing it.

Being funny is usually a great way to start a relationship because it breaks the ice. The first time you go out with someone or approach someone in a bar is awkward. You don’t know each other too well, so it can be hard to find some common ground you can talk about. Besides, there is the general air of tension all around. But if you are funny, you can definitely eliminate some of the discomfort; they say you can cut the tension with a knife, but you can also cut it with a laugh (thank you guys, you have been a great audience. I will be here all week wink*) Humor can make things a lot more comfortable than they are and it is something almost universal and can make both of you more at ease with each other.

On top of all of this, being funny will also make her laugh and she will be happier. She will want to spend more time with you as a result. Everyone loves the feeling of having a great time and she will even remember you when you are not together!

Remember, you can exchange some flirty glances and flirt a little. But at the end of the day you will need to have a pleasant conversation with her for her to like you. This is why you will need to work on your pleasantness and likeability.

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