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Best Tips to Feel Sexier in an Instant

You don’t need a specific outfit or a pair of shoes to feel sexy; don’t get me wrong, those can definitely help. But sexiness is a state of mind, it comes from within. Being sexy means being confident in his or her own sexuality. It could be a tough to get to a point where you’re feeling totally good with your own body, but if you take into consideration some of my advices, you will get there eventually. You may doubt it at first but hey, keep going! You know what they say: fake it until you make it.

The main thing you need to do if you want to feel sexier is to simply embrace yourself and more importantly, love who you are. Let’s be honest for a second, no one is perfect, and you should definitely work on your infirmity. Embrace yourself as a whole (both the good and bad because they make you a very special and unique person). If you have an issue with something in your body (and who doesn’t!) take a minute alone and say out loud: “I respect you and love you because you make me who I am.” You will be surprised to see how you feel when you get rid of talking negatively about yourself.

One of my biggest piece of advice, if you want to feel sexy (and something I do quite often if I may add wink*) is to try something new or something that scares you. It is very easy to get stuck with what is customary; and hey, there is nothing wrong with having a routine. Nonetheless, every once in a while, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, something that makes you feel sexier. This will make you feel more confident and powerful, no matter what it is. You can take exercise classes or do some sort of activity you have always wanted to try. Start learning a new language; for those who are riskier, you can go bungee jumping or book a trip out of the country. It doesn’t matter what you do and how small it may seem as long as it is something diverse for you.

Another important thing is to relax. Being stressed out by all the daily cycle, work, responsibilities, etc., it’s normal. You need to let go and pause every once in a while, in order to be happier. Being incapable of relaxing can be quite damaging to your overall life, not just your sexuality. That is why it is important to make prioritize; when you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to do something that relaxes you.

As I said earlier, clothes might help you feel sexier. Well, you should definitely try it. You can put on an outfit that you love and feel comfortable in; this doesn’t need to be particular, you can simply put it on even if you’re at home. Or you can put on some sexy lingerie beneath your normal every day clothes. Never underestimate the power of a sexy lingerie…

You should also try to focus on the things you love the most about you or the things you want to highlight. This could be something from your body or something from your personality, the important part is to cultivate it and nurture it. Showing and highlighting your assets is key to feeling sexy.

And lastly, take your time for pamper and care for yourself. This could mean different things for everyone, so schedule a mani-pedi, a massage, a facial or even a luxurious bath at home; remember everything begins and ends with yourself, to be sexy is to be the greatest version of yourself.

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