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Subtle Yet Seductive Moves Any Woman Can Do

If you like a guy that isn’t yours yet and you want to flirt your way right through his heart, you have come to the right place. Many women consider this an art: the art of seduction; it can be pretty satisfying to see a man flustered because of the sexual tension you have created, so maybe that is enough to categorize it as an art? Wink*

You may have probably heard this a million times, but I am here to tell you a million times more: eye contact is very important. In order to get him to notice you, look at him but when he looks at you back, look away. He will be guessing whether or not you are looking at him or not.

Another important aspect of all of this is to feel sexy and attractive. If you don’t feel attractive, make sure to work on that; how can you seduce someone if you don’t feel sexy? Every woman is very special in her own way so that is a huge advantage already: just being a woman is one of the most powerful and sexiest things ever. Every day you need to look in the mirror and say, ‘I am beautiful and sexy’ until you believe it.

The next step is to look your best when you are with the man. You are already beautiful and you want him to notice your best assets! Show him how amazing your legs look in a killer pair of heels, make sure he sees your sexy cleavage by displaying your lovely curves in a dress…the idea is for him to know what you have!

And that goes hand in hand with teasing him a bit. If you wear something short or a revealing blouse, accuse him of taking a peek or tease him….’are you looking at my butt?’ You don’t want to bare it all; all you want is to give him a little peek. That is why you want to lean a bit into him when you are wearing that low cut blouse, or bend forward for him to see your butt when you are wearing that sexy skirt…the idea is for him to take a little peek every once in a while so he can imagine what is underneath.

Smiling every once and in awhile can also be magical. Try to be happier around him so they can see that joy; a man is more likely to approach you if you seem nice and are smiling. If you are surly, a man will not be inclined to ask you out. Just try to be as genuine as possible and he will notice.

You will obviously want to flirt with him as much as you can. You need to warm him up for him to see what is coming. When you are talking casually flirt with him a little, touch his knee or his arm from time to time. If you are talking to him put your fingers on his palm to make a point. Hold on to his arm when you are crossing the street. Take advantage of the possibilities and create those moments to touch him.

But you shouldn’t make it too obvious, so don’t throw yourself in his arms; you never want for him to get too cocky. If he knows you are very interested in him it will get way over his head and he will believe you are trying to get his attention. In order to seduce him it should feel as if he the one doing the pursuing. On that same note, don’t be afraid to ignore him a little; play a little hard to get every once in a while.

Remember the little things matter. When you are in a crowded elevator, make sure to grind your butt against him. Graze your breasts against his shoulder sometimes. Press your chest against him when you are hugging, etc. Anything goes as long as you don’t make it too obvious!

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