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Key Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Energy

Talk about equality between the sexes has been a lot lately and it couldn’t be better. As a matter of fact, we should have had those conversations ages ago, if you ask me *wink* But along the way and for some reason, we have steered towards giving more emphasis in women being more like men instead of the other way around. Female and masculine energies are two very different kinds of energy, so what better way to get into both so you can really release your blocked female qualities?

Masculine energy tends to be more driven, focused, assertive and confident. We tend to associate these qualities with something hard and immovable. Masculine traits are those focused on achieving something, in protecting and offering security. Basically, it fulfills the need to accomplish a purpose and be productive.

On the other hand, female energy is commonly related with connectivity, empathy, emotions, and nurturing. It is the opposite of masculine energy in the sense it has to do more with movement, changes, and flow. It does many things at the same time and finds details, too. It is about perceptive and of receiving instead of giving. So, when talking about female energy it is about ‘being’ while masculine energy means ‘doing.’

Every person has both energies. No one has only one. This is good news because it means you can unblock some of the energy you have inside and has not come out yet. It is very important to find a balance to be a fulfilled person. When things are off balance, we can find problems within ourselves. Having said this, it is true most of us tend to lean towards one type of energy.

You can do certain things to find more balance and introduce some female energy in your life. One fun thing you can do is dance. Find some private place, put on some fun music you like and start dancing as much as you can. Dance as if no one is watching (because no one will) and feel the music. Just let your body move to the rhythm of the music and don’t think too much about it.

Beauty is another important aspect of female energy. I think, we can all agree we love beautiful things surrounding us, from fabrics and décor to pictures and images we find beautiful. For example, you can express your feminine side in your wardrobe to express yourself (or in whatever way you feel feminine). You can dress in flowing dresses, heels, leather or combat boots if this is what makes you feel beautiful, womanly and pretty. The important thing is to let this side of you get out there in whatever manner makes you feel this way.

You can also do one ‘flowing day.’ This is a day when you don’t plan anything and just go with the flow. Be in the moment and relax, no worries allowed. The only thing you need to do is not plan anything for one day. Pay attention to living in the present and obeying your every impulse.

Likewise, make sure to let your creativity flow. Feminine energy is closely related with creation and creativity so you can express this in whatever way you like. You can paint, write, knit, build a piece of furniture, and decorate. You can even express your creativity with your clothing and make up. Be sure to find an outlet for your creativity. If you are scared about trying something in particular, give it a chance because you never know how it will turn out!

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