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Top Secret Guidelines to Flirting with Men

You may be a bit intimidated in flirting with men. Don’t worry, all you need to do is to practice and read some tips regarding the subject. *wink* First, you need to utilize your body because you will be playing with body language. Basically, you will need to use different body parts and utilize them. Most importantly, don’t forget to equip your brain!

If you are across the room and you see someone you like, you will need to begin by making eye contact. Eye contact is one of the main elements of flirting. You will need to do it in a way that it doesn’t look creepy or weird. Just try to catch his eyes and maintain that connection. This could also be great for you to assess if he is interested. Chances are, he will also maintain that eye contact if he is likes you back. The easiest way to do this is to look at him until he catches your eye, maintain that contact for a few seconds, smile, and then look away. If you like to do it in a bolder way and it is your style, you can also wink at him.

Smiling is another fantastic way of flirting, besides the fact that makes you more attractive (people are more attractive when they smile, ask science!) It will make you seem friendly and approachable, so the guy will not be afraid of seeking you out.

As for what not to do; crossing your arms is a no-no. Remember body language is your greatest weapon so you will need to use it accordingly. Crossing your arms sends the wrong signal, as a matter of fact, it is the opposite of smiling. This indicates that you are closing off on someone and that you are not approachable. It is kind of like shutting your door to random strangers. *wink*

If you are distant from each other, you will need to find unobvious ways to get near him. The idea is to call his attention, so you will need him to look at you first! There are many ways to do this, so the important part here is to be creative and it needs to look effortless. For example, if you are at the park make sure to walk your dog or exercise in the area near him. Or you could walk past his desk frequently if you work together. Like I said, be creative but don’t overdo it. (you don’t want your man to get turned off by being too aggressive)

However, don’t also forget that you can always make the first move. In this modern era, there is no reason why women shouldn’t take the first step. If you see someone you like, go ahead and talk to them. This can also be refreshing for him because the percentage of women who are more straightforward is probably lower, so you will be creating quite an impression on him as well. It is a good way to draw attention in order for him to remember you.

And of course, always make sure you look your best. I am saying this because the better you look, the more confident you will be and that will show. I am not saying you have to go out with a full make up, a seductive dress and flattering high heels. If those aren’t your thing, then don’t. Make sure to look your best in whatever way you like without the expense of being comfortable. The only things that are necessary are basic grooming: clean hair and nails, brushed teeth, unwrinkled clothes and a captivating smell.

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