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Your Ultimate Guides to Electro Stim and Electro Sex

How to Enjoy Electro Play Safely
If you heard of electro play you know that it can bring a lot of sexual pleasure to both you and your partner. You can even use it during masturbation and you will simply love the sensations you experience! So, if you never tried electro stimulators, it is time to consider that as part of your sexual routine!
Why Should You Give Electro Play a Try
Electro stimulators have been around for some years and they get more and more appreciation from users as time goes by. This happens because these devices generate a lot of sexual satisfaction with minimum effort and investment.
Best Sex Toys for an Intense Electro Play Scene
There are certain sex toys and accessories that bring you an intense satisfaction if you use them in the right sex scene along with your lover. And if you are a couple of BDSM enthusiasts, the options are even greater considering the variety of fetishes and fantasies that you can indulge in.
3 Ways to Make Electro Sex Play Better
If you are new to electro play sex scenes, then you are in for a complete adventure you will simply love each time you dive into it. Here are some ideas when using electro stimulators to add more pleasure and have unforgettable experiences together with your lover!
Best Electro-Stim Toys for Electric Orgasms
Electricity in sex is usually perceived as a way to inflict pain on your partner and while that can be true, it’s also true that electro toys can be modified, producing everything from very light stimulation to strong and painful impulses. It’s just a matter of choice and the toy you want to use.
Guide to Safe and Great Electric Sex Fun
Electric toys can make you feel completely different and can make you have very intense powerful orgasms. They can offer a very light sensation or a very hard and intense feeling, depending on the toy and the power setting. Basically the gist of it is that these toys offer a very small amount of electrical energy to stimulate the sexual organs and erogenous zones.
How to Do Electro Sex Play
As you know, BDSM comes in a variety of forms. One of the most popular forms of torture is through electro stimulation, also known as electrosex. This method is used in combination with other types of play, but with that electric component as a plus. The reality is many toys out there offer an electro version.
Jayme Dalton talks about Electro-Sex

Benjamin Franklin is credited with being the father of electricity. That may be so, but I’m the girl that has perfected it. Just a zip, zap and a holy &%*! To be fair, when my lover in college first introduced me to her «little friend» the tens unit, I was a bit skeptical and honestly, a bit worried too.

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