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How to Enjoy Electro Play Safely

If you heard of electro play you know that it can bring a lot of sexual pleasure to both you and your partner. You can even use it during masturbation and you will simply love the sensations you experience! So, if you never tried electro stimulators, it is time to consider that as part of your sexual routine! But no matter how much you like certain sex toys and accessories and how eager you are to incorporate them into your sex scenes, you should definitely make sure that what you are doing in the bedroom is safe, sane and consensual. This is even more important if you are into BDSM sex scenes. So, let’s see how you can enjoy electro play in a safe way in order to experience pleasure and no risks along with your lover!

1. Use electro stimulators that are waterproof if you want to have a shower sex scene

Sometimes shower sex scenes are the best to enjoy especially during those hot summer days. Both you and your lover can make a habit of it and you will enjoy every shower you take a lot more. But you will have to pay attention to what type of electro stimulators you use in the water. It is mandatory to use devices that are waterpoof for obvious reasons of safety. And it is also important to check the description of each electro play device you are using because this can definitely explain how you should use the product and what are the potential hazards that you should take into account. As a general rule, if you go for using electro play devices that are water resistant, you will not have any problems during a hot shower sex scene. So, don’t neglect this aspect because it is quite significant! You should also try to invest in high quality products because when it comes to electro stimulating devices, quality does matter.

2. Make sure both you and your lover agree with using electro play devices

In order to introduce an electro stimulator into your sex life, both you and your lover should agree on this decision. Some people will not feel so easy about investing in such devices and they will be reserved when it comes t enjoying them in the bedroom. While others, will be right on when it comes to making the most out of such a device. All you have to do is see where your lover stands and how you can have them enjoy such a device to the best of its potential. Because electro play devices can easily give both of you intense orgasms so you shouldn’t try to underestimate their capacity. At least the first times using electro stimulators, you should try to have a safe word or a safe action implemented just to make sure that you can change the course of events easily if you are not comfortable with what is going on in the sex scene.

3. Choose the right size

In the case of electro stimulators, especially dildos and butt plugs or prostate stimulators, size does matter. The sensations you will feel while these devices are vibrating will differ greatly depending on the size they come with. But the size you prefer is relative. You can’t know what size is best for you until you try several devices. Once you get familiar with them, go for those that bring you the most pleasure. The rule that says the bigger, the better, is not always what works when it comes to electro play. So, you might want to start with small sizes and work your way up in order to learn how to appreciate different pleasure in a different way! if the size is not the right one for you, you might experience a lot of discomfort and this takes away from the pleasure that you should enjoy so don’t neglect this aspect!

As you can see, electro play devices should come at no risks for you and your lover so you should be able to use them as much as you want without being worried at all. If you don’t know what type of electro play devices you should go for, talk to others who have more experience in the matter. Also, the products that you can find online and at land based sex shops, are full of details when it comes to the description that they come with as well as the instructions that the manufacturer included. So, even if you don’t know much about electro play, you should be able to stay completely on the safe side as long as you follow the directions on the product and don’t experiment unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

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