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How to Do Electro Sex Play

As you know, BDSM comes in a variety of forms. One of the most popular forms of torture is through electro stimulation, also known as electrosex. This method is used in combination with other types of play, but with that electric component as a plus. The reality is many toys out there offer an electro version, so probably your favorite toy is already available in case you want to try, wink*.

Electrosim can be as painful as you’d like because you are in control of the electrical current that gets passed by. This type of play is really popular and is easy to see why; the adrenaline rises up automatically in expectation of the shock and pain. Basically like any extreme sport or experience. To it, we also have to take into account the physiological aspect of things: those electric shocks can actually relax the muscles…yes, any muscles (genital also applied wink*)

If you are interested in trying (I’m sure you are) the best way to introduce it is through role-play. Your scenario has to involve some sort of punishment or torture and there is where electricity comes to play. As I mentioned before, luckily there are many toys out there with electric components, but you can usually find them in two different variations: the TENS and the EMS.

The TENS usually use a wall outlet as a power source and have a continuous current; they tend to be more powerful and tend to be a bit more painful. They should never be used internally, so never penetrate vaginally or anally with such toys. On the other side, the EMS started as a muscle stimulant to make muscles grow (they were used by athletes, not for sexual purposes, you kinky mind wink*). They feel incredibly nice and they are great for arousal; the frequency, pulses and intensity can be changed, as you like. They are also battery operated.

You will have to be careful with the contact points in which you will be transmitting the electricity because they can cause burns. Usually two electrodes will be put in the person through the conductor and the most common used conductors are handcuffs or shackles that have previously been electrified; the best is to use ones that have rubberized electrodes or with some sort of plastic to create a buffer or window screening as a conductor.

About the contact points, you should always use electro toys below the waist. Those electric currents can be dangerous if they are placed closed to the heart, brain or spine. The most common places to put them are the buttocks, legs and stomach. If you want a more specific zone, electrified cock rings are also very popular. What you should keep in mind is to never connect these devices to piercings.

If you have a history of heart conditions, have a pacemaker, suffer from nerve disorders or problems with your spine that affect large nerves, you can’t play with e stimulation. Other conditions that can be dangerous if using electrical stimulation are diabetic patients that use an insulin pump, pregnant women and epilepsy patients. If you suffer from any of those, check with your doctor before indulging in this play.

The violet wand can be a very safe alternative. They use static electricity, a much weaker form of power. They are adjustable and can be used above the waist (like the nipples! Wink*) or as an insertable toy. Wands are very popular because of their versatility, several heads are offered so you can change how you use them.

If you are into group sessions, these electrosim toys can be great. You can create chains of people with electricity funneling through all those involved. Such play can be made like this with wands, whips, floggers, chains and shackles.

The good thing is that you can even transform these scenes to something more torture like, using dog training collars and cattle prods. They are more powerful and painful than other e-stimulation, so you will have to very careful if you want to use them. Remember, safety first.

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