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3 Ways to Make Electro Sex Play Better

If you are new to electro play sex scenes, then you are in for a complete adventure you will simply love each time you dive into it. This type of fetish and fantasy are very popular in the BDSM community and they tend to be even more appreciated by young adults who like to add some thrill to their sex life. However, it might take a while to understand how electro stimulators truly work and what kind of sexual pleasure they can bring to your body. For beginners, electro play scenes can be as exciting as they are intense and you should make the most out of such sex scenes to have a unique sexual encounter each time you are using them. Here are some ideas when using electro stimulators to add more pleasure and have unforgettable experiences together with your lover!

1. Use electro play to discipline your submissive lover

If you have a submissive lover, you most likely enjoy those discipline sex scenes you can enjoy every now and then. When you add some electro play devices, the entire discipline session becomes a lot more intense. If your slave is a girl, you can have them wear an electro orgasm belt and enjoy how stimulated they are as you use your favorite paddle, flogger or whip to discipline or even punish them. Use your imagination to make the entire sex scene as intense as you want. If your lover is a submissive male, you can always go for a penis pump with an electric function. You will love to see them getting more and more excited as they use the pump while you decide if they are allowed to have intercourse or not. The sky is the limit when it comes to disciplining a good slave. Don’t set limits you don’t need!

2. Try an intense electro masturbation session

We all like a good masturbation session and we would prefer to make these sessions as intense as possible. By replacing your regular sex toys with electric ones, you can definitely obtain the result you want. Don’t be amazed if you will reach your desired orgasm a lot easier and faster. You might not even need to watch your classic erotic videos because your electro play toys will take care of all your needs. According to your gender and sexual preferences as well as the sensitive parts of your body, you have a wide range of sex toys to indulge in. You will fall in love with the unique sensations you get to experience without even having a partner to please you!

3. Stimulate all your erogenous body parts during intercourse

Combine your electro play with your sex scenes during intercourse and you will reach the sexual pleasure you want in a more intense way. This will help you understand not only how your boy works but also focus more on your lover’s body. We all need time to discover new sexual fetishes and fantasies to enjoy with our partner. But during intense intercourse sessions, we might find it difficult to stimulate our lover, pay attention to our own pleasure and enjoy some good sexual intercourse without being distracted. However, by using electro play devices, you don’t have to use your hands to stimulate other parts of your body or your lover’s body. The electro play toys will do all the extra work for you and sometimes deliver great results! So, choose your favorite vibrating sex toys and add them to those intense intercourse sessions! You will not regret it and you will even find them addictive as these toys can take almost any type of sex scene to a complete new level of excitement.

As you can see, electro play can get to be as intense as you want it to be. It is the type of sex scenes you should definitely indulge in at least every now and then. You can even get waterproof electro stimulators and enjoy them in the shower alone or with your lover. So, the next time you need some new sensations get your electro play toy because you will not regret it! Let your imagination run wild and discover new ways to satisfy yourself and your partner because you will need to add some new sensations to your sex life to have the sexual satisfaction you dream about!

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