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Guide to Safe and Great Electric Sex Fun

Electric toys can make you feel completely different and can make you have very intense powerful orgasms. They can offer a very light sensation or a very hard and intense feeling, depending on the toy and the power setting. Basically the gist of it is that these toys offer a very small amount of electrical energy to stimulate the sexual organs and erogenous zones.

In order for the energy to flow they are usually made of aluminum or some other conductive metal. Electro toys come in different settings and it’s important for you to always start on the lowest one and build up from there. The lowest setting will feel like a very small tickle or tingle. That electrical charge will stimulate those little nerve endings creating a wonderful tickling sensation. If you put your toy on a moderate level, that sensation will increase and it will feel more like a vibrator. These kind of electro simulation are usually reserved for electro insertable toys; in order to get the most out of that vibrator like sensation (of course, wink*). Now, if what you are looking for are pins and needles and even a light sting, just put your toy on the high power or hard setting.

Now, electro toys can come in many different models. Chances are your favorite toy already has an electro version (we are lucky). From cock rings to Wartenberg pinwheels, to dildos and butt plugs, there is a very large market out there. In order to enjoy your electro toy, there are some things you should keep in mind in order to do so safely.

You should know the current used in them is very, very small and can be used by us mortals, but if you have heart problems or have a peacemaker, you shouldn’t use them. Just as well, if you are pregnant or have been feeling under the weather (fatigued or dehydrated), it’s better to use something else instead of this. For safety reasons, always start applying the toy while it’s off, never turn it on and then put it on the skin.

Oh! And don’t use them on irritated or skin with lacerations because it will probably hurt.

About lubrication, you can use anything water based or some conductive gel if you wish to do so. Conductive gel will help to get an even stimulation, but only use it on the parts of your toy that the manufacturer has specified. Don’t use silicone-based lubrication because it can damage your toys accessories. That’s also why your electro toys will have some rubber on them; they don’t conduct electricity on that part, so that’s where you hold on to them and grab them. You don’t want to get your hand zapped, wink*.

Cleaning these devices is actually very easy. Just unplug them and do the cleaning with some toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water; try not to get water inside the plug sockets. You will have to make sure they are completely dry before using them again, by the way. After you have taken all the necessary precautions, you can enjoy those electro sensations. If you are in the mood for something a bit different, electro is the way to go wink*

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