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Jayme Dalton talks about Electro-Sex

Benjamin Franklin is credited with being the father of electricity. That may be so, but I’m the girl that has perfected it. Just a zip, zap and a holy &%*! To be fair, when my lover in college first introduced me to her «little friend» the tens unit, I was a bit skeptical and honestly, a bit worried too.

I think everybody as a kid has run their socks along the carpeting and gotten shocks. This was not one of my favorite experiences. However, I do have to admit that I did like how it made my hair stand up on end, kind of like Vanilla Ice but without the puffy pants. The experience of a shock was not something I would have ever associated with sexuality, but now I know I was looking at it all wrong.

I had assumed that any electrical play up to that point was something that was literally shocking. I had heard about it, but never really understood the appeal, despite my girlfriend’s adamant exclamations about how wonderful it was. One night after a few glasses of wine, the subject came up and I was game for it. I would like to say that it was the wine, however I believe it might have been the see through light blue camisole that perfectly matched her eyes that she was wearing. *soft sigh*

This night when she brought out the little box, I relaxed into the sensation of it. When she gently put the wand up towards my arm, I was surprised by how it felt. It didn’t hurt or provide a big shock. There was not even a little shock, instead there was a gentle hum that made the hair on my body stand up, but this time in a good way.

The only way I can think to describe it would be electric. I know that this seems pretty obvious but the sensation of it, is very unique. It’s pleasant and very erotic, if you do it right. After experimenting with it that night and for the next few nights, I found out the secret to it. The secret is to gradually build with the tempo of the erotic encounter you are having.

Start out low and slow, just like with kissing. Build it to a gentle caress and move that caress to more sensitive parts of the body. Savor the sensation and allow it to sweep you up in a current of stimulation; igniting all your senses and bring your body more fully alive. Everything becomes heightened and you feel your pulse begin to pound. The blood rushes to your face and then…well…you’ll just have to imagine the rest!

Also, as a safety measure — and this is very important — If you have your machine turned up so high that you are getting a shock, then it’s up too high. You want slow and steady energy that builds in an erotic climax. Sex as in life, has the same rules — never take more than you can handle. You know your body and you know what is best for you. Only do what you feel comfortable with. Only experiment with what you enjoy. And if that happens to be a little erotic electric stimulation, then good for you. I know it added a wonderful and happy zing to my sex life. Now, that’s electric!

Remember — Safe is Sexy!
A few Tips and Hints to make your next encounter electric!…

  1. Always have a safe-word and a signal that can be used if your lover is tied up or unable to speak. A finger snap or a special designated word is always a must!
  2. Always keep contact below the heart or brain. You can have erotic electro stimulation on the back, neck, shoulders, arms or anywhere else, just not here. When starting out, keep them below your belly button.
  3. Do not use electro play in the shower, bath or anywhere there is water.
  4. Do not use any silicone based lubricants, and for best results use the Electro Stimulation Gel. The gel acts as a conductor and helps avoid any shocks by smoothing out the electrical current and allowing for a more pleasurable and sensual experience.

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