164A 8 Buckle Leather Panel Gag

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It's back! One of our most popular gags ever, the 8 Buckle Leather Panel Gag is not only effective, it looks great on your mouth too!

This beautifully hand crafted leather panel style gag is sexy and effective. It's no surprise it gets my full "5 Mmmpphh!" rating!

First, the standard size 1 3/4" ball gag inside is quite effective all on its own. Our ball gags receive a special coating designed to resist chipping. The balls themselves are very durable - a very important consideration if your submissive is a biter. I'm not saying I am, I just know this is a problem with gag balls even before we started making our own. *wink* 

On top of this - literally - is the front panel. It doesn't just look great, it also works great to muffle any sounds to possibly escape the ball gag.

The gag can be used without the panel. But once the panel is buckled on, it presses tightly against the wearer's lips. It not only muffles the lips, it also keeps the ball lodged firmly in your cuffed slave's mouth. In short, this panel gag is a real muffler!

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match, like a restricting collar plus leash, gorgeous restraints or a high-intensity vibrator while you're gagged and your legs are spread open! See our Black Leather Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set!

**Please note: Ball color may vary.

For more Information, please see our Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 3.75

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