193SM Complete Captive Locking Sensory Deprivation Hood with Open Mouth Plug Gag

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Uniquely styled with padded eyes, mouth and ears, this comfortable leatherette hood is erotically different with it's own sense of fetish style. I have to admit when I put on this hood, I was surprised by how form fitting it was yet how comfortable it felt. The padding, rather than being cumbersome, is great for increasing the tight fit around the eyes and mouth to make you feel as if you're wearing an extra blindfold. Plus the fact, it's soft and comfortable. Finally, the padding on the side of the head, over the ear area, dampens sounds, isolating your slave in solitude in their BDSM sensory deprivation experience.

This Complete Captive Locking Sensory Deprivation Hood with Open Mouth Plug Gag is great for the slave who likes to really be kept in the dark about what delights are coming next. Especially what might be coming through the tube holding their mouth wide open for play. With their mouth stretched around the built in tube gag, your bound slave won't be talking back to you.

It's very comfortable yet totally restrictive. I have to say I was surprised by how much I liked it, especially for a leatherette hood. Originally, I didn't think the quality would be good, but I was pleasantly amazed when I tried it on! The great part is because it's made of high grade leatherette, it looks like leather without the real leather price tag. Clean up is a snap with just a damp cloth. You know...in case it gets messy somehow...ahem. A few spritzes of our antibacterial toy cleaner helps keep this fresh and always ready!

Best of all, it's fully locking too! Not only can you lock the collar, this also has two additional restrictive locking straps. The first of the two locking straps goes over the blindfold area to pull it tight while the second wraps over the head and under the chin to keep your slave's open mouth clamped tight on the tube style gag. Padlocks sold separately.

The locking straps create an even more restrictive and severe bondage experience but without sacrificing your sub's comfort. (And that's hard to do.) 

The lacing back gives you a custom fit feel and the tongue over the laces ensures your lovely sub's locks don't get tangled up in the laces. This hood is great for beginners (because of it's amazing price) but I highly recommend it for experienced players too because it really brings something unique to any play session. Simply put, it's just a great hood at an amazing price!

This hood has a flexible 25" circumference at it's widest point around the head area with the adjustable lacing back. It has a plug length and diameter of 1.25" deep, 1.5" across. The size of plug cap is 3/8" long.

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all ourBlack Leatherette Bondage Gear collection for the perfect match for this! Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set with some glass and inflatable toys for great insertions. Why not add a sexy leash and tight restraints too?

Strictness Rating: 4.75

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