814DL ConTRAPtion Black Steel Spreader Bar with 4 Cuff Attachment Clips

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For those who are really kinky, this sexy black metal spreader bar with its hardware attachments mark the beginnings of a lot of amazing bondage positions!

You'll enjoy using our ConTRAPtion Black Steel Spreader Bar in so many ways. Use it behind the back as a yoke or a posture bar, on your butt - wait, wait, wait - there's more you can do with it, but I just got the same image you probably did in your head, when your lover's ankle cuffs are connected to the ends and their wrist cuffs are attached to the two middle clips, tip them on their back and...well wow!

Oh, and of course you can use it as a hogtie bar or just use 2 or 3 of the clips at a time, etc, etc. (Just imagine how open your lover will be to certain possibilities when you have them on their back with legs up in the air!)

This spreader bar will keep your slave open and waiting for whatever you desire, which from what we've heard (and read about on the bathroom wall) is plenty! This bar measures 24" long (which is quite a span especially if you're standing in high heels).

The cuffs are not included with this item. But don't worry because we've got you covered. Be sure to get the perfect pair from our huge selection of wrist & ankle cuffs to go with this wonderful heavy-duty, all-steel spreader bar. A hot tip from Autumn, get a pair of these spreaders for the ultimate steel spread-eagle! Attach the cuffs to their w-i-d-e-s-t position then make your slave squeal with pleasure!

How about an erotic toy to use on your slave while they're helpless? We have anal, aluminum, steel and silicone toys. Remember, insertions are easy with lubricant. Always lube up!

The black powder coated steel is durable and beautiful. Go ahead and play rough!

Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 5.0

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