8955M Give It To Me Padded Sex Straps

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Great for both men and women, our Give It To Me Padded Sex Straps opens you up to all sorts of sensual and bondage delights. The padded strap lets you take hold of your partner effortlessly while working your magic. 

Fitting just under the hips or above the thighs, the wide padded furry strap feels comfortable even during a REALLYwild ride. Its nylon strap handles are snug and adjustable for the perfect grip. These attach to the wide pad allowing you to pull everything up and back nicely. (Hmmmm....now, what can you do with this?)

Pull those adjustment straps tight, then just lie back and let your lover make you cum along for the ride (you're about to get)!

This is perfect, even for beginners! It would also make a good addition to your erotic pet & pony play.

The strap measures 36" long.

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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