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694P Naughty Nipples Clamps

Make your nipples perk up with pleasure with our Naughty Nipples Clamps.

Just squeeze the spring-loaded clamps over your nipples and adjust the screw until you reach your desired tightness. The clamps are lined with rubber to help ease the squeeze, while they please.

The sturdy metal chain allows for other pleasure possibilities too. Tie that chain to something, take it in your teeth, hang padlocks or other weights on it for gentle to wild tugging that will drive you wild with desire!

Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. With each movement of the chain, the clamps tug and tease your nipples for amazing hands-free stimulation!

Turning the screw adjusts the amount of pressure you apply to the nipples. Try a little or a lot - train your partner to take more or tease and punish them by twisting the screws to add more pressure once they're on their nipples!

The weight of the chain intensifies the pressure as it swings while you move. Try these with a spanking! As you're bent over with your hands cuffed at the back, the chain swings with every swat, pulling your nipples and making them more and more sensitive - WOW!

You can also explore breast play further with weightselectro-stimvibrations and suction! We have everything you need to satisfy your fetish fantasies.

Strictness Rating: 1.5 - 4.0 depending on how tight you make them!

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