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6918R Sub-Shock Electro-Stimulation Pleasure Probe Accessory

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Give your sex life a charge with the Sub-Shock Electro-Stimulation Pleasure Probe Accessory. Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, this 3" torpedo-shaped probe provides thrilling e-stimulation.

The sleek design features a tapered tip and base, making it ideal for both vaginal or anal play.  

Made from a firm, slick plastic with a subtly flattened shape, the Probe is suitable for vaginal and anal penetration, which is exciting in itself, but when combined with a flow of electricity throughout, thanks to large metal contacts on either side, the Probe will have your toes curling with unprecedented pleasure.

Be sure to use our specially formulated Electro Stimulation Gel to eliminate "hot spots" and provide maximum conductivity for all our electro-sex toys. Clean up is a snap after the fun with a few sprays of our antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

This item does not include the electrical stimulation power unit. Please note that it only works with the following single channel power units:

2467AE        Hand Held Digital USB E-Stim Power Box

6919R          Sub-Shock Electro-Stimulation Power Box

9777M          Digital Electro-Stim Power Box

9778M          Electro-Stim 2 Port Accessory Power Box

9779M          Electro Sex Palm Power Box

9801M          Power Play Digital E-Stim Power Box Controller

Not for use on eyelids, sensitive skin, pregnant women, those with heart conditions or pacemakers, or anyone with health issues.

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Strictness Rating: up to 4.0