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Sex in China

China is a vast culture when it comes to many aspects but sexuality tends to be by far the most explored one along the history. Furthermore, sexual intercourse is associated with a spiritual practice. Two people having sex are compared in most ancient Chinese writings with Heaven and Earth having sexual intercourse. And, in its history, China had a long period of appreciation of females’ virginity. Girls had to marry virgins and that was part of the “bride’s sale price”

Men had restrictions as well when it came to their sexual life. Their first wife was always chosen by their fathers. However, Chinese men still had the privilege to maintain sexual relationships outside their marriage with different females of their choice who were called concubines. Also, the bondservants in their house could also be their sexual partners if they decided to entertain sexual affairs with them. This led to many of today’s fetishes such as the famous one between a man and their maid, which is very popular also in the BDSM community. But the mains values of Chinese sexual history are developed around moral concepts such as affection, marital bliss, romance and homosexual alliances. Homosexuality was a big aspect of Chinese sexuality and it remained until nowadays one of the most intense sexual practices spread worldwide. The most famous erotic texts in the Chinese literature are the Taoist Sexual Practices, written with three main purposes in mind: sexual health, longevity and spiritual growth.

Even nowadays, sexuality in China has a layer of superficial image, that maintains the idea that women should marry virgins. Also, it is considered correct and proper for all human sexual behavior to be controlled by the government, even if this concept doesn’t really apply so often. However, these ideologies took over reality and in present China seems to be a country with a developed sexual culture that only shows the spiritual side of it, in spite of all its hot fetishes and history episodes. But under this layer of spirituality, Chinese people are engaging in all kinds of sexual practices and develop new fetishes constantly. Women like to please man and there are many BDSM couples among the Chinese people.

Nowadays, Chinese people travel to other countries and mix new sexual pleasures and habits with their own, developing a new branch of their sexual culture. The changes and the so called “Sexual revolution” still continues today in China. Sex is no longer an attribute of marriage but one of any couple, regardless to its marital status. Premarital sex is not forbidden anymore, as much as it was before and even if some Chinese people still prefer the old style when it comes to sexuality, the trends in the country started to change rapidly in the past decade and they continue to do so today. The control over the personal sexual life of the Chinese citizens is smaller and in some aspects it doesn’t exist at all, however this is a new kind of freedom that Chinese people are not used to. More Chinese people now look at the sexual right the same way they look at the human rights and that changed their perspective on the matter and, in consequence, their attitude toward this subject.

But thanks to its glorious sexual history, China brought a wide contribution to the global sexual knowledge through its incredible ancient texts and rituals. Chinese people are all about their health and well-being, and they adapted those goals to their sexual life as well. The rest of the world learned a lot from China’s sexual history and applied it to their own sexual cultures, developing them in a healthier and more intense way. Luckily, nowadays, Chinese people are willing to explore their sexuality more and grow spiritually through it in different ways. BDSM is in a continuous growth in China as well and more Chinese feel curios and interested about the fetishes of these community that has members all over the world.

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