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The Biggest Turn Ons for Men

Many things can turn on men and you can say everyone is different of course. But some universal things tend to really attract men. If you want to turn a man on without almost any effort then you have arrived at the right place.

Before we begin you should know arousal is all in the brain and men tend to be visual creatures, keep this in mind.

This would explain why the number one thing to arouse a man is a sexy outfit. If you want to drive him crazy, make sure wear revealing clothes to give him a little peek of what you have underneath. For example, you can put on a little skirt and flash him a little bit of your thigh (on purpose by accident.) Rest assured, he will be left wanting what else you have beneath it *wink*

Something else to get a guy going yet is not a visual tease are simple touches. You will need to look very hard to find a man who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful woman touching him. Listen, I am not saying you need to touch him inappropriately, I am just saying you are definitely welcomed to let a subtle touch linger for a bit from time to time.

Just as well, standing close to a guy you’re interested in can also do the trick. Whenever you have the chance to stand next to the object of your affection in a crowded room (like an elevator), get close to him to rub each other. You can also stand right in front of him and ooops, someone bumped into you so you accidentally grazed your butt against his crotch…

You can also get him by flirting, which is really arousing for men. If you can flirt, smile and laugh, you will have him charmed instantly. As a result, he will probably desire you a lot. This is something men seem to have ingrained in their brains since forever, so make sure to be flirty.

Speaking of flirting, by now you should know it goes hand in hand with confidence. Do you know what really turns guys on? Sexually confident women! As a matter of fact the sexual fantasy of a lot of men is to let a woman dominate them in bed. The point here is to own everything you say and do, including your sexual behavior.

Having said so, sometimes you will have better luck by letting them teach you something you don’t know or simply letting him take the lead. It will depend on the man, so you need to gauge the environment before you do anything.

Something else men find irresistible is a ‘shy girl’ who at the end of the day can really let loose and be the opposite of bashful. If you are of one those timid girls with a wild side, don’t be afraid to let this part of your personality escape.

Men also get really hot when a woman surprises them. Well, I guess the last few situations are all about surprising him in a way. *wink* Leave a little room for spontaneity, you can open the door naked or appear at his house in just lingerie underneath a coat (don’t forget the heels, remember, heels with lingerie will definitely cause a reaction in his nether regions.) Be creative in bed so he can be shocked; sex is always better when you can keep him guessing. Your sexual life will improve right away.

Lastly, the ultimate male fantasy is watching two girls going at it. You can tease him a little by dancing sexily with a woman at the club while caressing her. If both of you are game, you might even sneak a little peck or kiss. It will drive him mad with lust.

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