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Best Tips to Talk to Women

In order to flirt you need to learn how to talk to women. To do this, you will need to know some tips to help you out some in this department. Usually this begins when you are a teenager, but it is kind of a life long process. When you talk with someone you like, chances are you freeze up or get nervous. While it is normal, you can also take some tips into account in order to get better at it!

The main thing you want is for her to have a good time. So, for as long as she is having fun, she will like you being there.

If you spot someone you like in a group, you can try getting her attention. This is really not much different from approaching her when she is by herself. If she doesn’t know you exist, she won’t be charmed with you, so you need to get her attention. The best way to do this is by creating eye contact. If she seems into it, then you can approach her after some flirting glances. Once you have done this, you will need to keep her entertained with some conversation.

But the other approach is to impress them all at the same time. In order to do this you will need to be funny for them to be impressed; they need to know you are fun to be around. Give out positive vibes and have a lighthearted attitude; if you feel excited to be around them, make sure to communicate it. Those kinds of things can’t be faked.

Something women hate is being put on the spot. Avoid asking awkward questions or making annoying comments. Keep away from lines like, ‘Are you going to eat another one?’ or ‘Are you girls avoiding me?’ or ‘Don’t you think I’m funny?’ and the like. These will only make come off as weird or annoying and make them run for the hills.

What you want to do is to get talking. When you are with a group of girls it tends to be pretty easy to get them to talk, so make sure no one is feeling left out. If you are leaving someone out, then someone will look bored; don’t focus your attention on the same girl or in the same three girls. You want to be the center of attention for anyone. Ask followup questions to keep the discussion flowing and make comments they can relate to then examine their opinions. Make eye contact with everyone, especially the ones who you feel are starting to look bored. Everyone will feel close to you and you will charm them at the same time. You will also get to know them better!

Women also love someone who is funny, so let your funny side shine. If you don’t know how to be funny or witty, you can definitely learn how to do it. Don’t be afraid of making funny remarks about the things happening around you (but be careful not to cross the line towards being mean.) You will also need to smile and laugh at yourself; this is why self deprecating humor is so great. Girls tend to be charmed by someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

A great thing about talking with a group of girls is you can try more adventurous humor. If you only talk with one girl, it is riskier if they don’t enjoy the humor. But with a group, it is easier to joke about sex, for instance, because if one or two don’t like the joke, at least maybe one of them will. Don’t be afraid to try some naughtier humor!

Take advantage of using double entendre, especially when one of the girls says something too easy like, ‘It was really big and it couldn’t fit me!’ If you can’t say anything, just smile mischievously and look at her pointedly until she gets it.

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