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3 Essential Rules of the Cheating Roleplay

Cheating might not seem like the type of fetish or fantasy you are into. Then, maybe it’s because you never experienced its full potential. No, we are not talking about actually having a sexual affair with someone else behind your partners back. Rather, I mean getting to an orgasm by fantasizing about the idea of cheating.

Statistics show the majority of men fantasize about somebody else while having sexual encounters with their partner. They don’t express those thoughts because they are afraid of the possible consequences in their relationship. But how about making the fantasy of cheating a part of your sexual encounter without hiding your naughty thoughts? Here are some tips and tricks to help you find a perfect cheating role play for you and your long-term partner!

1. Work your imagination.

You don’t really have to cheat to act like your cheating. Guide your partner to share an imaginary cheating experience with you during foreplay and sexual intercourse. You can give them an idea of what your expectations are from them beforehand. This way they will know how to satisfy your erotic needs. You can have them describe how they had a dirty gang bang with several other men and share the sensations they had during such an intense experience. Even if their story will be based upon imagination, in the heat of the moment, your mind will not be able to make the difference. Over time, both of you will get better at this and develop new techniques to increase your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The idea of cheating is so exciting because it is prohibited in most relationships since it might involve your lover indulging in a sexual act with another person.

2. Use bondage.

You can increase the sexual thrill by adding some bondage toys and accessories to your sexual encounter. Tie your partner to the bed by using rope, tape, or any other type of restraint you have handy. Start talking dirty to them following the cheating theme. Tell them how much it would turn them on to see them having sex with one of your friends, or even a boss, depending upon how kinky you want to get. Describe all the sexual acts you would like to see them doing with another person and you can spice it all up with some name calling here and there. During such moments, you should feel free to call them everything from ‘slut’ to ‘bitch’ and even reach a level of verbal humiliation. This will turn both of you on and make you feel more in control of your partner’s body and sexuality.

3. Watch erotic videos during your sexual encounters.

Erotic videos are a great way to entertain yourself not only during masturbation, but also during your sexual encounters. It will be easier for you to imagine your partner having sex with someone else if you are watching an erotic video. Tell your partner about your cheating fantasy in a sensual way while you are also stimulating their body using your hands or sex toys such as a vibrator, nipple clamps or butt plugs. Most likely, your partner will reply to your kinky comments and they will be more than happy to join you into this imaginary but extremely hot sexual journey.

Keep in mind there should be no sexual limits between you and your partner if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. Fantasizing about cheating or any other type of sexual encounter can be very intense if you overcome your fears and personal limitations. In other words, your mind should be free to express itself during your intimate moments with your partner. Remember, you should never keep any of your fantasies to yourself!

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