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Is Sex a Must for a Happy Relationship?

This might seem like a rhetoric question but on second look, it is not so. There are many factors that contribute to a happy and healthy relationship and some of them make up for the lack of others. However, it is hard to make up for a lack of sex more than on a temporary period of time. While a relationship goes through more or less passionate phases, sex is definitely not something that should be missing permanently. But how important are sexual encounters and how long can we go without them?

Sex is a form of communication

Sex is about personal and mutual pleasure between you and your partner. But, it is also a form of communication between you and your partner. There are many types of sexual encounters that you can engage in, some are romantic and great for expressing your love for your partners while others are more intense like bondage sessions for expressing your deepest fantasies and passion. Different sex scenes are different ways to achieve intense sexual pleasure and stimulation but also, they send different message, emotionally to your partner. Luckily, the market offers plenty of sex toys and accessories to express yourself just the way you want, from orgasm belts to electro-stimulating devices and a variety of dildos and vibrators.

Studies show that a relationship can last without sex but it can’t be a happy one

Getting closer to answering the main question of this article, you can have a relationship without sexual intercourse or stimulation for a long period of time. However, no one is promising you that it will be a happy relationship. Cutting sex out of the equation of love is like cutting an important form of communication off. And this will never work in the benefit of your relationship. Plus, chances are that if you are not finding the sexual satisfaction that you need at home, you are most likely to look for it somewhere else and start having affairs which will drag you even farther from your partner. People have certain needs, and a good sex life is one of them. If that need of yours is not fulfilled by your partner, you will find new ways to fulfil it. So, from this aspect, a good sex life is essential for having a happy and healthy relationship that can last for a long period of time.

There are many forms of intimacy

Now, sex means reaching a level of intimacy with your loved one but there are other ways to be intimate that doesn’t necessarily involve reaching an orgasm by intercourse or sexual stimulation. In time, the more you stay with your partner and the more mature you get, you might discover some of these ways and at times even prefer them to the passionate and intense sexual encounters. Cuddling with your partner is just as effective when it comes to taking care of your relationship’s intimate level. Kisses and holding hands and all the sweet gestures that couples do are not in vain just because they don’t lead to the sexual satisfaction that we all aim for. They create an important connection without which your relationship wouldn’t resist. However, best way to have a happy and healthy relationship is to mix the passionate sex with the intimate moments in order to satisfy all the needs that an emotional relationship has.

Under these aspects and many others that are specific to each couple, sex is not only a must to have a good relationship but also a mean to get closer to each other and build your relationship stronger. And it is a must for our personal satisfaction as well since our body craves for an intense sexual encounter every now and then and if we indulge in it, we become more reliable partners and we can feed our inner happiness which is the basis of any outside level of happiness that we might aim for.

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