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3 Non-negotiable Things during Sex

Sex is an activity that requires two people to come together. But what if both partners want different things? It can be hard to decide between a shared experience or fulfilling individual desires, but there are certain boundaries when choosing which ones should take priority.

Sex is about teamwork and should be enjoyable for everyone. When you're having sex with your partner, one or both of you may want something different from the other - which is totally fine! But sometimes it can get tricky when some things just don't seem negotiable - including sex.

Sex requires two people working together to reach mutual satisfaction; however, each person has different needs which must be considered. When you're having a sexual experience with someone you care about, you may have various desires that need fulfilling. You develop certain kinks and fantasies and these are typically shared with one's partner.

It can be satisfying to meet some of the other's needs during an encounter or relationship in order to make things go well but this depends on what those wants are - some things should never change for the sake of sex.

If you and your partner are in love, it might be hard to deny a certain fetish you know will bring them pleasure. Yet, there are scenarios in which you shouldn’t do so. There are correct approaches as well so you won’t sound inconsiderate when you do refuse. Keep in mind, as long as you are not enjoying your sexual encounter, your lover might not be able to either because sexual satisfaction is based on mutual sexual pleasure!

Here are some of the reasons why you should not give in to having sex for the sake of a happy and healthy relationship.

  1. Don’t compromise to too much pain

Pain and pleasure can be a hot combination of contrasting feelings and sensations for both of you. It can also lead to intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction. The secret is balance. You need to keep a balanced connection between the level of pain involved and the sexual pleasure you want to reach. If the pain becomes too much, you should know it is safe to say no and decrease the intensity of the act. There should be a threshold for pain, so you won’t end up harming your partner.

This setting is very relevant in the BDSM community, especially when using suspension bondage or other edge play games. It can also be applicable if you are a beginner to anal play and your lover wants to use a big-sized dildo or butt plug to get you into this type of sex game. You will probably enjoy most sexual fetishes and fantasies if you both learn to take it gradually. When it comes to mixing pain with pleasure, it tends to be a step by step process. Enjoy the sexual stimulation along the way and don’t get too drastic to reach the top of the fetish on your first attempt.

  1. Don’t fake orgasms

Faking orgasms can be a serious threat to your relationship and your sex life. Usually, women find it easier to fake orgasms because it won’t be easily detected while for men, it might be more difficult. Both ways, faking an orgasm will lead to faking more orgasms and it will affect your sexual satisfaction. It is better to be honest with your lover and even guide their actions toward your own sexual desires.

If you are stimulated just the way you like it, chances are, you will be more likely to reach your climax and both of you will benefit from it. Try to introduce new sex toys like a pair of nipple clamps to your sexual encounter if you want more sexual pleasure. Take charge of what is going on with your body to reach a higher level of satisfaction. Your lover will be more than happy to join you as you discover new sex toys.

  1. Be open with your lover

Communication is the key when it comes to compromising on your sex life. Share your fantasies and reach a collective agreement with your lover.

Keep an open mind and have a safe word in place for those moments when one of you doesn’t feel comfortable with what you are doing during the sex scene.  

A safe word can make a big difference during intense sexual encounters and it can help you skip some unpleasant parts without ruining the entire sexual experience.

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