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These are the Keys to a Sexier Relationship

Some couples have a more intense and exciting sex life than others, which no one really understands. Contrary to popular belief, it's not about making love for longer periods of time or being more sexually experienced. We all love having orgasms during intercourse but sometimes there are things that can make us less successful in achieving this pleasure, then we are with partners who aren't struggling with those issues too much.

With just a bit of attention to detail, you could find yourself experiencing some thrilling sexual encounters when you'd otherwise been bored out of your mind while going through the motions every day. As over time these routines become tiresome to maintain - they can even affect our bond when they're carried out often enough; reducing levels of intimacy between us.

So let's take a look at how we can keep our sexual lives interesting and exciting without feeling like we're doing something wrong by following these few simple tricks... 

1. Sexting

Just because you are not with your partner all day long it doesn’t mean you can’t maintain an intimate connection with them. Especially with all the possibilities today’s market offers for lovers! You can use your smartphone or computer and keep in touch through different chatting applications. Send your kinky thoughts and desires then give hints of what you have planned for the two of you as soon as you get together. You can sext your lover when you masturbate as well and get their imagination going in the right and naughty direction you want it to. So, next time you use your dildo, vibrator, anal plug or any other favorite sex toy to give you the pleasure you want, describe your feelings and sensations to your lover and enjoy their kinky replies.

2. They respect each other’s boundaries

Respecting each other’s boundaries has more positive effects than you might expect. It is important to talk and be on the same page when it comes to your sex scene and sexual practices. Your partner might not like the same kind of sexual stimulation   you are into or they might prefer another intensity of it. The good thing is you can compromise and find a common ground quick with good communication.

For instance, if you both like impact play and your lover are inclined towards a flogger instead of a paddle, you can always take turns using different toys to satisfy both of you. The upshot is you both get to enjoy impact play during foreplay or a sex scene. You can apply the same compromising strategy to any other type of sexual fetish or fantasy you want to try together.

3. They have a strong self-confidence

Self-confidence is important if you are in a relationship, but it is also very important if you are single. You should respect and love yourself before you wait for others to do it. A person with self-confidence will always have a higher level of sex appeal and will attract new admirers with the blink of an eye.

Get to know your body and sexuality in a way you can expose it and make others love it too. Chances are you will not be able to pass unnoticed if you know what your sexy values are and how to use them right to attract the people you want. A high level of self-confidence will inevitably have a positive impact on your sex life!

4. They are not afraid to try new sex toys

New sex toys and accessories appear every year and they are meant to fulfill a variety of sexual fantasies and fetishes you and your partner might have. If you are not reluctant when it comes to adding some diversity to your sex life, you will never find yourself bored again! There will always be something new for you and your partner to try and you can discover new aspects of your sexuality while you are doing so.

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