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Can Men Fake Orgasms and Why They Do It

We all know that women can put up quite a show when they want to fool their partner into thinking that they had an orgasm. And even if it is not a good idea, most people faked their orgasms at least once in their life due to different circumstances and reasons. Even men, as hard as this might be to believe. You might think that a man’s orgasm is…visible, and there is no way to be faked. But it is. Many women don’t pay attention to the proof of any male orgasm and if they wear a condom they don’t start checking it after the fun is over. A fake orgasm can be so, covered up nicely with a quick and just as fake whip and a vocal confirmation of the climax. Now, while no man should do that as well as no woman…ever, there might be certain reasons that lead men to this kind of desperate action and that is what we will focus on here. Are those reasons worth it? That is for you to decide.

1. To not disappoint their partner

The fear of not disappointing our partner is the most common reason for faking an orgasm in both men and women equally. And even if women are known to fake it more just because it might be easier for them, men discovered this trick too. But this will harm not only your sexual life but also your relationship. Your partner will believe that the sexual encounter that you two just had was a success since it ended in an orgasm and they might repeat it under the belief that you liked it. Faking an orgasm might seem like a good idea for the moment but not on the long run. And the last thing you want is your partner misunderstanding your sexual fantasies and pleasures.

2. To conceal premature ejaculation

Men are in particularly preoccupied about premature ejaculation. They might cover this fear with a fake orgasm just to make sure that their partner believes they were able to climax and the sexual encounter was a success. If a man is dealing with premature ejaculation problems, there are better ways to entertain a healthy and exciting sexual life. You can use sexual stimulation as a training by simply not diving into intercourse the first thing. Use butt plugs, electro stimulating devices and even penis pumps to stimulate you sexually and try to prolong the climax each time you do it. This can be a pleasant sexual scene that you can share with your partner. And they can join you in the masturbation process by using their own vibrator or nipple clamps or whatever toys they prefer. Premature ejaculation is a team issue and not just an individual issue, especially if you are part of a couple.

3. To preserve his pride

A man’s pride can become his worst enemy, especially when it is used in the wrong time and with the wrong people. But men have a bigger ego than women and this is a well-known fact. Chances are that if you are faking an orgasm, you are afraid to look bad in front of your girl and that fear takes over the quality of your sexual life. To avoid this, a healthy discussion with your lover is always a lot more efficient than a game that you can play in bed without any physical satisfaction. You might have an orgasm without ejaculation, and if that is the case you should be open about it and share it with your partner. If it is a medical condition, it could be treated by a specialist and if there is a problem with your sex life, you can take steps with your partner to fix it which is a lot better than dealing with it alone. So, don’t let the pride or the fear to take control over your body and sexual satisfaction!

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