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Lady Gaga Is Submissive to Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

I was greeted with a happy surprise the other morning when I logged on to my computer. Lady Gaga is openly talking about her relationship with her boyfriend in more interesting terms. While not being completely out about having a typical Dominant and submissive sexual relationship, the US Weekly article lets you read between the lines. Those lines may be vanilla but we will color them in with chocolate, mocha and maybe some rainbow sprinkles and make them our own.

This is the article:

Lady Gaga Is Submissive to Boyfriend Taylor Kinney, Says "He's Totally In Charge"

I applaud Lady Gaga for talking about her relationship and for being proud of who she is. So often as submissive women, we are told by society that what we desire is not right. A feminist would never be submissive. A career minded woman would never submit to anymore as she has to be strong at all times. This just isn't so. As someone who considers herself a bit of a Honey Badger, I give myself over completely in my submission to my lover.

My submission fulfills me in ways that are so much more than erotic. My sexual submission fulfills my mind, bondage and soul. It makes me feel safe and loved to have someone who is in control. Our bondage play is beautiful and loving while still being wild and incredibly passionate.

**Case in Point - How many of you have broken a bed? Come on now, raise your hand..... *Autumn proudly waves her hand in the air back and forth grinning from ear to ear** Now that is *spectacular*! Okay, put your hands down, you are making your co-worker nervous with your antics and the huge grin on your face....

Bondage is so much more than just a sexual act. Although bondage sex is AMMMMAZZZINNNNNGGG! Wait...I need to throw in some OOOOOOOOOOOO's! As in OHHHHH MY &^*^(&*^&*^%*&^*%*^& GOD! GRRR!!!! Awesome!

We need to be more out in the open and to talk and uplift each other! Let's end the Kink Shaming and let's start the Bondage Uprising! How can you be a part of being a positive and forward movement for bondage? Easy! Put your comments below and we will talk about them in our podcast, or BETTER YET - write a blog entry about bondage and what it means to you. Write about how it makes you feel and what a great and wonderful experience it is. Our job is to educate and uplift each other. We will end Kink Shaming and bring bondage out in the light TOGETHER.

I need your help to do this. My voice isn't enough! It needs to be the voice of many! Thousands! Send me your blog entries, your ramblings, your thoughts - whatever you want - just make sure that they positive and we will post them on Uprising! If you want you name by it let me know - whether it be your web name or your full name - we will honor all requests.

We need to be like Lady Gaga and be forward! No Meat Dreses (I'm a vegetarian so that one is off the market for me anyways...) but they will instead be of sexy rope with a nice hot blue ball gag (put that one just in for you ALEX!). I love you and I want you to love yourself! Let's put an end to this all this darkness and move forward into the light - TOGETHER!



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