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Ask Autumn: How To Be a Great Parent with Hot Sex Life

Mommy Slaves - A Diary of a Mom into Bondage & How to Have a Sex Life while being a Great Parent

As some of your out there know, having a sex life with the kids running all around the house is hard enough, much less trying to squeeze in some special "play time". Here are some ideas on how to make time for play, without having to send the children to therapy. (or you due to lack of play time!)

Some days it’s hard enough just to be a Mom, much less a Mommy Slave. Those of you out there who have children know what I’m talking about. It’s pretty hard to show your Master / Husband your devotion when you are changing a stinky diaper or need to be at a Little League game in five minutes. Here are some ways that I have incorporated my submission and love of bondage into my everyday life:

1. My Master lays out my clothes for me in the morning. Most times I actually wear them. (-:

2. I sleep with my cuffs and blindfold on.

3. Bath time is our special time.

My Master runs the water, selects my bath oil, undress me and places me gently into the tub. Once there he usually likes to put on my wrist cuffs and ties my hands to the towel bar above me. That being done he usually sits down beside me and lights candles. (I’m proud to say my Master is a true romantic.) While I am soaking, we usually talk. Our subjects can go from everyday going-ons to the wild and adventurous night he has planned for us. If I’m lucky, we talk about both. (-:

When my toes start to feel like floating prunes, I ask my Master if I can leave the tub. Once I have his permission, I usually wrangle myself up by the towel bar where my wrists are tied and wait for him to dry me off. After I am gently patted dry, he unties the rope from around the towel bar and leads me down the hall into our bedroom.

My Master then selects a perfumed lotion he would like me to wear and lovingly rubs it all over my naked and quivering body. Then he dresses me in the lingerie he has chosen for me earlier in the evening. By the time he is usually finished with that I am either shaking with desire or dreamily sleepy with a contented heart. More often than not, I am happy to report; I am shaking with desire for him.

4. When my Master and I are out in public he likes to show his domination by gently holding my wrist instead of my hand. At first I felt awkward when we started doing this, but we have only had one quizzical look so far. It’s nice because it’s our own little thing to do.

5. My Master also clothes shops for me. When we are out and I need a new outfit or a new pair of shoes, he selects them for me. If I see something I like, I usually hold it up to him and ask him if it "pleases him" in a quiet, soft submissive voice. Whatever we do is between us after all, not between a sales person and us.

6. When we go out for dinner. My Master decides what I will have and orders for me! It's cute and old-fashioned. We have gotten a few raised eyebrows but I just giggle them away!

If you have any other ideas, drop me a line! I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to express my devotion to my Master that isn’t shared with the world.

Send me your ideas! (please! : )

Here are some Fantastic "Submissions"!

I'm also a Mommy Slave, and I most always wear clothes that can be pushed

aside. My under garments are a shelf bra and suspender stockings. I must always wear low tops, and when we go out just the 2 of us, I must wear some type of breast jewelry. Hope this helps. - Kat

First I want to start out by saying that I am the Mistress and my lovely little pet is everything I could have ever asked for. He was a virgin when I found him and started talking to him, the poor thing had never even been kissed. As we talked to each other we found that we were perfect for each other. Due to his lack of experience I have been in charge since the very beginning of our relationship. When he finally got the guts to bring up that he was kinky I was not shocked but very pleased. I had never really tried anything like that and those few times that I had I was the one being submissive and it was no more than a little bit of tying up and small bouts of calling one boy master even though I was the one really in charge. So as you can imagine when my little pet told me he was very submissive I felt a strange overwhelming joy. I had never really thought about it but I so like being on top (*grins* literally)! Bondage and the level of trust involved with it has made over almost six month relationship feel like we were always meant to be together and have been together for years. I can't describe the ecstasy that flowed through me the first I spanked his little bottom red while he was cuffed and chained to the bed. Anyways, I'll get to the point, it is very hard to hide your D/s relationship be it from your kids, parents, and even your friends. But it is very doable and we have found some great ways to get around this. So without more stalling I'll let you in on my little list of fun, sweet ways that you can still let them know that you are in charge, I charge you subbys with showing this list to your masters if you like anything that you hear.

-In the morning give your sub a to do list. This shouldn't be the chores that they are already fretting about doing but things they can slip away and do, or something that only you two know the meaning of. Like while the kids are at school and or watching TV during the earlier hours of the day, tell your pet (or slave) to wear a favored toy or a certain bit of jewelery that was picked out by the Mistress/Dom/Master for the purpose of reminding the pet/sub/slave just who they belong to. Necklaces work great for women subs and a ring or tiny chain around the neck works for males. Other fun things to put on the to do list are things like "don't wear underwear today" or something even as silly as "draw a naughty picture somewhere on your body". These simple little things are things you can easily check and no one will be the wiser.The best part about the to do list is you can personalize it completely and you can always have a different thing for them to do. For those starting out, unless you know your partner very well I suggest that you actually let the sub write the list the first few times. This can be very embarrassing for them and thus shows you are in charge and can and will make them do embarrassing things. Always have an actual list that they have to check things off of, and and then make up fun things like punishment if they used the wrong pen to mark the things off the list. The great thing about this is there are so many possibilities! Oh and pets/subs/slaves, sometimes not doing something on the list could lead to an even better "punishment".

-Have a basket in the bedroom, up on a high shelf or just out of sight if you have kids. A smaller basket, it doesn't have to be huge. At the beginning of the day the Mistress/Dom/Master places certain little naughty items in said basket. Once home or awake the pet/sub/slave has to check the basket and wear/insert what ever is in the basket. This can be as much or as little as your lifestyle demands or allows. Leaving something like a marker in there can mean something like they have to write something like "slave", "pet", or "i love my Master/Mistress" on their tummy or inner thigh. Something they can look at and remember just what they are and how much they love it.

-Bring home gifts that are really gifts to both of you. This can be done by either Dom or sub. Gifts like roses, a mundane gift on the outside and hours of naughty pleasures on the inside. Roses are a great gift because the petals feel great on soft, sensitive areas and the stems are great for delivering a spanking that really gets across a few points. Other gifts like a favored candy for sharing as treats when they please you, foods that you can place on your living plate (jello works great! it is cold and will stick no matter how much they squirm!), and or something that you know they really want and offer it to them if they please you a certain way or even as a reward for coming up with their own way of pleasing you. This way you can keep dangling it over their heads and get as much pleasure as you can for being such a great Mistress/Dom/Master.

-Make your pet/sub/slave tell you stories, dirty or otherwise it is fun to see what they can come up with and what their naughty little selves think about. This can also be embarrassing and yet very exciting. When I make my pet do this for me it normally ends up leading to foreplay or me getting some wonderfully naughty ideas for our next big evening.

-This one I read about and found really interesting. In the shower, if you shower together, make your pet/sub/slave wash you with their body and no hands. This can include water proof bondage or not and works best with a body wash and not a bar of soap. Though I can imagine putting a soap on a rope around their neck would prove very interesting.. Hmm... I wonder what that would be like.. Slippery I bet.

So there is my list I have plenty of other naughty ideas for such things but I think I have rambled on for quite long enough. I hope you enjoy my ideas even if you never try them. Always remember that sometimes we don't want you to do what we tell you to.. We are just looking for reasons to deal out "punishments". --- Mistress Namira

Another way to show you're devoted to the D/s relationship you and your husband share would be to sit on the floor next to him while you and the childern are watching TV. The kids usually sit there anyways. You can always say it's more comfortable there. :o) Another way is to never wear panites. (My favorite) No matter where you go or what you are wearing. Never wear panties. If your Master enjoys that sort of thing. - Southernbrat

We have a bedtime ritual that makes me think of my actions for the day. Each night before bed, I must kneel next to the bed and ask Master for permission to join him. Before he says yes or no, I must tell him ever good thing I did for him that day, and ever bad thing. We discuss each on. And then usually I am allowed in bed. First thing in the morning, once we are both awake, I am to kneel again in front of him, and state the things I did wrong the day before, and what I have learned from them. That way they are fresh on my mind and I am less likely to repeat them the following day. - Chads babydoll

i am now very pregnant with our 4th child, and my Husband/Master and i have very little time alone together...i'm sure you can relate. Well, his slave name for me is "pet." (So i guess you'd also call it a pet-name!) Although i know what it means to be my Master's pet, to everyone else, it is just seen as a cute term of endearment. He also orders for me when we go out to dinner together. One other little thing i am able to do: on the days he is home from work i make sure he gets to sleep in... i get the kids up, bathed and dressed, and feed them breakfast without disturbing him. Then i make his breakfast, and bring his cup of coffee in the bedroom when i wake him. - pet

ideas on being a mommy slave :) Something i read that i truly think is fantastic: the sub memorized some hand signals from her Master. Example, one finger down means up would mean stand. Two fingers up while the sub was sitting would mean to inch the hem of the skirt or dress higher slightly and two down would mean the opposite. You get the idea. They would be done very very subtley and without knowing to watch for them, outsiders would never know. Perhaps a modification to this would be taps on the means sit...etc. Just an idea :)

in my children's room i have installed a high shelf with detachable speakers on it. The wiring goes through a drilled hole in the wall and a closet that happens to be outside their room. The stereo is located in the closet high up so they can't disturb it. At bedtime i put in children tapes or music of long duration then of course close my door and sometimes play my own music on my cd rom. This way it helps a lot on noise coming from the bedroom *giggle* I had tried earlier to simply put a jambox in their room but they discovered how fun it was to unravel a tape and run about the room... *ugh* Hope this gives some ideas :) - deandra

I will serve him his dinner first...before I dish up my plate when there is something that is being taken from the stove to plates... and when the dinner is all on the table, I give him his before I take mine. - Tazz

In trying to make my bedroom vanilla appearing yet bdsm appealing, I chose a few pieces of furniture that have worked out quite well. I bought a wrought iron bed frame with canopy, that we find absolutely delicious. He is able to secure me to it in a great numbers of ways. I also bought a long bench that is padded and fits the length of the bed. This is perfect for kneeling and securing to the overhead from of for laying across and tying knees and ankles for a sound flogging (your gag is also a requirement).

We try to make the most of every moment, so when we have engagements that do not allow for overt bdsm overtones, I often find myself with a buttplug nestled inside of me. Never large ones but one that I definitely know is there. Master will look at me and raise his eyebrows slightly and smile, reminding me of our secret and I just fall in love with him all over again. I have never had more fun at a three year olds dance recital. - Minxx

I just wanted to let you know that you have the best bdsm site on the net i have been to all of your pages, and they have been very helpful, and given me and my Master some new ideas. i've been to your shop and must say I am in love with the purple ball gag, I have been begging Master for it, he says maybe. I hope to be sending you a money order soon!! the main point i had in writing you was that Master and i are not married yet, although plan to be in the future. W/we have tossed the ideas around of how W/we are going to continue to play with children around. your pages on pregnancy and bondage and being a devoted slave and mother, have given me a lot to consider, and provided a better outlook on my future with my relationship style. I have had fantasies of bdsm since 7 or 8 i would have to say, tying myself with scarves and such, and i know that this is something i cant, and don't want to live without. not only is it pleasing, it has brought a great deal of trust and love between Master and i that i have never had with anyone else, he is the only one in my life that knows my true desires. anyways, i know that I couldn't stand to let something change our fun, but would love my kids to death, and trying to find time for fun seems nearly impossible. I am just glad to have found someone online who seems real in their life, actually acknowledging that there are people out there who have real lives, and responsibilities, and cant just lock them selves up in a dungeon for a 24/7 relationship whenever they want, though i'm sure we'd love to. ;) thanks for a great page, and please keep it alive, it is a great source of info, pics, and toys.

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