Single and Ready to Mingle: How to Pleasure Yourself Alone or with Other People

The internet is full of sexual advices for what we tend to consider “traditional relationships”, the heterosexual, woman-man couple. However, we tend to forget that is not always the case. These days there are plenty variations out there that are beyond the norms because everyone does what works the best for them! Besides, what are you supposed to do when you don’t have a partner, if you’re flying solo? Will you skip sexual fulfilment? I will have to prove that just because you don’t have a partner, you have to give up sex in the meantime. Wink*

Life is better with threesomes

Threesomes are a fantastic way to have some fun in the bedroom, not to mention it is a very common fantasy for a lot of people out there. So, when you do get in the bedroom with your two partners you better know what to do!

For oral sex, all of you will lie down on her side, form a sort of circle so that everyone is giving and receiving some at the same time. Alternately you don’t always have to use your mouth, you can also use a vibrator or a toy or have someone use a toy on you. You can definitely adjust according to the preferences and needs of everyone involved!

If you are having a male-female-male threesome, you can play the cuckold scenario’. One man will be lying sideways while the woman sits in front of him to get penetrated. She will need to put her legs over his hips for this to happen. Now, the second man will offer support to the woman so she can rest on his chest. This is whyhe needs to position right at her back, so she can lean a little. Now, this position will allow you to have lots of contact, which is nice. If you prefer and enjoy double penetration, this can also be a good addition to the scenario.

If you are looking for something to test your boundaries, grab a blindfold! The woman will be put on a blindfold, and then one of the partners will tie her knees to her wrists so she will be wide open. The idea is to have fun and she will guess who is doing what. The remaining partners can take turns going down on her making her guess, (one of them can focus on her lower regions while the other one kisses her and plays with the upper part) then they can shit roles of course. If the remaining partners are both men, they will definitely feel free to take turns penetrating her and maybe making her guess too. And of course, you can add some toys to the play as well.

Flying solo

For those women who don’t have a partner but still want to boost up their masturbation routine, these positions are for you. You can lie down on a prone position and start masturbating with your hand or a toy. The catch is, you will do so by reaching around your back and going between your legs. the sensations of being penetrated from behind will feel different and nice! Or nicer? Wink*

P.S. Place a pillow or cushion beneath your hips to make the whole thing even better.

If you a have bath, hot tub or pool you can definitely use it for carnal purposes. You just need to stand in a way where you can get the direct hit from the jets, just where you need it the most.

Most importantly, for a woman who wants to recreate the experience of being penetrated by a man, the next best thing is a dildo… He doesn’t speak or leaves his clothes all over the floor. Just squat over a suction cup dildo that you have already placed on the floor. This will feel like riding a partner and you will be able to stimulate your breasts or clitoris as well. Yeeha!

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