What Do Subs Prefer: Straightjackets, Gags or Hoods

When it comes to bondage sex toys and accessories that your submissive might like the most, things get extremely subjective. Some people prefer to go light as long as they are still beginners in terms of such sex games, while others are not afraid to dive into the most complex fetishes and sexual practices. If you are in the same relationship for a long time, you should know each other’s limits or at least be able to suspect them. However, if you are new to this type of BDSM fetishes and fantasies and your relationship is new as well, things might be a bit more challenging.

If you want to make a surprise to your submissive partner, choosing between a straight jacket, a hood and a mouth gag might be a great way to go. But which one is the favourite for submissive people and what should you consider investing in, assuming that you don’t know already the answer to these questions directly from your submissive partner? You could very well go for all three of them, even if that doesn’t mean they will like them all. Chances are that you will have a bigger chance of finding what they like if you get all these sexual accessories. You can also add some sex toys on the side as well, since you are at it.

If your slave is a beginner at it you might want to start with sex toys and accessories that are a bit simpler such as a basic ball gag. Hoods and straightjackets, as hot as they are, will never be the first sex toys a slave will think about, especially if they are new to the BDSM phase. But you can work your way towards such toys if you manage to take it step by step and give yourself time to understand each fetish and fantasy in order to see what works best for both of you. Try not to push any sexual fantasy as they will all come natural over time. If you are a bit ahead of your submissive partner, you can try to enjoy fetishes that are simpler together rather than rushing things!

Overall, you should keep in mind that most submissive lovers prefer gags as a first choice when it comes to their sexual arsenal. That is because they are more versatile and they tend to be a lot easier to adjust to, even for those slaves that lack experience. The next level after gags would be the hoods. Just like gags, hoods work for a variety of situations and they can fulfil a lot of fantasies. They do miracles for a punishment sex scene but also for a regular intercourse when you just want to discipline your submissive a little bit. Both gags and hoods come in a wide variety of models so you don’t have to worry about not finding exactly what you need.

And on the third place, would be straight jackets. These jackets as we stated above are beyond the beginner level when it comes to BDSM fetishes and fantasies. They are even close to the edge play. And if you know that your slave is open to try out new and intense experiences in the bedroom, a straight jacket might definitely be what they need. Or even more straight jackets as you can match them with different outfits and even sex toys to get the maximum out of your sex scenes.

Do not let your imagination be limited by the rules that are not necessary when it comes to your sexual life because the more freedom you allow yourself in the bedroom, the more you can experience. If you know your lover well enough, you shouldn’t have any problem making the right choice. And if you truly want to surprise them you can go for a set of sex toys and accessories.

There are many on the market that should satisfy your sexual curiosity and sparkle your sex life a lot from the very first time you try them. And chances are that your lover will fall in love with you over and over again as these experiences will improve your bound as a couple, not just your sexual connection. Try your best to give a fair chance to each fetish and fantasy that sounds interesting to you because you never know where your next orgasm is going to come from. Your submissive lover will b more than happy to join you in experiencing all these fetishes and you might even get to have a much better connection than you ever had before, by just using the right sex toys and accessories. So, grab your sexual arsenal and get to the fun part!

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