When it Comes to Sex, Age is Just a Number

BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners are of all ages, genders and sexual orientation, making BDSM by far the most flexible community in the world. The age of the partners involved in a BDSM scene is absolutely not important and even more than that, in some cases, mature partners have a lot better BDSM experiences due to their sexual experiences. But what makes age a quality and not a problem when it comes to your sexual life, can be a question with a variety of answers and aspects and the more aware you are of them all, the more sexual confidence you gain you yourself and your relationship.

As time passes by and you experience more BDSM sexual encounters, you will get more familiar with different sex toys and accessories, some of the required to master in order to have a professional BDSM scene and an intense sexual satisfaction. You will learn to both sexually stimulate your partner using nipple clamp and butt plugs, while you have a passionate sexual intercourse session and even combine it with the right amount of dirty talk. Mature couples know to incorporate sexual stimulation during their physical sexual intercourse and increase their level of sexual pleasure but they also know how to choose the right toys and accessories for specific BDSM scenes. If you are aiming for an edge play scene, chances are you will need to master more simple ones before you can get to that level of BDSM. And even if you try to indulge with your partner in an edge play scene while you are a beginner in the matter, chances are you will not enjoy it just as much as you will enjoy it after some time passes and you gather some BDSM sexual experiences. Dirty talk is also a separate sexual stimulation that can get better in time. When you incorporate dirty talk into your sexual encounter with your partner, you will have to be able to adapt your tone and words as well as your attitude to the type of BDSM scene that you are indulging into and to the level of sexual experience that your partner has. As a beginner, dirty talk is most often than not, based on some sexual descriptions, as kinky as they can be, meant to stimulate both of you during your sexual encounter. But over time, it can become verbal humiliation and that involves name calling, extreme kinky words and even taboo subjects being described by you while your partner is responding in the same way or an even kinkier way. But to be able to reach such a balance together and use verbal humiliation to stimulate both of you, you will also need some BDSM experiences that will build not only your vocabulary in this matter but also your imagination. And speaking of imagination, the more time passes the better you will become when it comes to creative bondage ideas. You will learn to use ropes in different ways, body harnesses and blindfolds, and create a great and unique bondage style scene that will intensively stimulate both of you! All these aspects wouldn’t be able to improve unless you practice BDSM fetishes and fantasies for some years and get to know your partner better while doing so. This will ultimately lead both of you to developing a common sexual level and a common body language that will better your sexual encounters significantly but not in a few days, maybe in a few years.

In the light of these aspects, age is a huge advantage when it comes to BDSM couples but there is another aspect that needs to be considered. It doesn’t matter if your partner is younger or older than you, as one experienced partner can take control over the entire BDSM scene and lead their love to the ultimate level of sexual satisfaction.

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